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A mumpreneur making the world more productive

Kaitlyn Hanrahan runs Simply.Digital, a small company making simple ap...

Patrick Johnson
31 Oct 2019

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Are digital nomads harming the world?

Digital nomads can now be described as official pioneers. Not just tra...

Patrick Johnson
24 Oct 2019

Why Xolo Leap Is Ideal For Freelancers From The UK

Are you a sole-trader or freelancer in the UK who has clients across E...

Patrick Johnson
22 Oct 2019

Helping visionaries one existential venture at a time

“I help visionaries build futures worth working for.” That’s how Morit...

17 Oct 2019

Five tips for freelancers doing business in Europe ahead of ...

Since June 2016, you haven't been able to move in the UK for talk of B...

15 Oct 2019

Xolo Go: The easiest way to run a European freelance busines...

Highlights: Xolo Go has thousands of signups, and 500 private beta cus...

09 Oct 2019

Can digital nomads ever have a good work/life balance?

In today’s modern era, the elusive ‘work/life balance’ is a prize that...

23 Sep 2019

Xolo Leap

See how easy it is to manage your business via the Xolo dashboard from anywhere in the world

Today we make our revolution pocket-sized — the Xolo mobile ...

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Xolo mobile app, an impor...

17 Sep 2019

What’s the deal with taxes when you pay yourself with Xolo L...

We get this question a lot from our customers, and there’s a lot of mi...

16 Sep 2019

Xolo & Stripe — The new team helping your Estonian e-Residen...

We are happy to announce that Xolo Leap customers can now use Stripe t...

10 Sep 2019

7 important tips for German freelancers

Freelancing in Germany is now more popular than ever. High-speed inter...

09 Sep 2019

21 Tips for First-Time Freelancers

The number of first-time freelancers is on the rise. An increasing num...

30 Aug 2019

How modern freelancing works in 2019

Freelancers, independent professionals, solopreneurs — whatever termin...

23 Aug 2019

Working around the world with a remote team, thanks to Xolo

Jonathan Jeffrey is passionate about digital and creative marketing wi...

19 Aug 2019

Why Xolo Go is revolutionary — an interview with our CEO, Al...

What is Xolo Go? Xolo Go is a new product by Xolo (formerly LeapIN) ba...

12 Aug 2019

A speedy update about Xolo Go

It’s been a couple of weeks since we announced our rebrand, and our so...

02 Aug 2019

8 Free Services Freelancers Should be Using in 2019

With the freelance sector being one of the fastest-growing industries ...

29 Jul 2019

How to easily start an EU business in 2019

Why would you want to establish a business in Europe in 2019? Well, th...

19 Jul 2019

Freelancing in 2019 for beginners

It is safe to say that the freelance industry is growing, bolstered by...

17 Jul 2019

LeapIN is now Xolo, and launches world’s first virtual compa...

LeapIN has very exciting news. We’ve successfully raised Series A fund...

15 Jul 2019
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