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International Women's Day has become a controversial topic a...

If you ever have the opportunity to explore Tallinn, you'll wander dow...

Kayla Brown
08 Mar 2022

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5 lessons I'm still learning about freelancing in my twentie...

If I had chosen to go freelance sooner, I could have saved myself a fe...

Emma Levin
07 Mar 2022

Xolo helps Ukraine by donating an ambulance

We'll start by stating the obvious. This isn't the type of post you'll...

03 Mar 2022

A Step By Step Guide To Applying For Estonian e-Residency

Estonia’s e-Residency programme makes starting and running a global bu...

01 Mar 2022

5 types of nightmare clients (and how to deal with them)

You did it! One brick at a time, you’ve built your freelance business ...

Kayla Brown
01 Mar 2022

€150 for you, €265 for your referred friend (limited time on...

Last month, we published a blog post about our new and improved Xolo R...

01 Mar 2022

Xolo stands with Ukraine

Dear Xolopreneurs, The last five days have changed European history mo...

Allan Martinson
28 Feb 2022
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Xolo Italy launches to save Italian solos from business bure...

The digital platform dedicated to solopreneurs has arrived in Italy. T...

25 Feb 2022

What the science of close relationships can teach us about f...

New studies in psychology offer insight into how to strengthen your co...

Mark Travers
22 Feb 2022

10 tips to effectively work with freelancers

As more and more employees leave their jobs to freelance, companies mu...

Seth Richtsmeier
18 Feb 2022

6 productivity tips and techniques for solopreneurs

​​All solopreneurs face the dreadful feeling of unproductivity from ti...

Jorge Alexandre
15 Feb 2022

21 freelancing tips for beginners

When we published the original version of this article, freelancing wa...

15 Feb 2022

How to travel the world as a digital nomad couple (and live ...

Most digital nomads I know are "single and ready to mingle." Moving to...

Jorge Alexandre
11 Feb 2022

How to manage a remote team: tips & tools top teams use

If you are reading this, you’ve been considering hiring remote workers...

Elena Prokopets
09 Feb 2022

How to build a customer base as a freelancer

Starting out as a freelancer can feel daunting. In most cases it’s not...

Patrick Johnson
05 Feb 2022

Why we hire Product Engineers, not Ninjas

After my last column was published I learned that writing about coffee...

Piret Kerem
04 Feb 2022

How to invoice a company as an individual

Solopreneurs all across the globe know that being an independent worke...

01 Feb 2022

Independent contractor vs. employee: pros & cons

Being a business of one can get you going. But becoming a company of m...

Elena Prokopets
27 Jan 2022

How to hire EU freelancers: a gentle guide

Do you know what AppSumo, Skype, and Google have in common? Each relie...

Elena Prokopets
25 Jan 2022

How to craft a winning mindset for 2022

New research teaches us how to become brilliant managers of our own mi...

Mark Travers
21 Jan 2022
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