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How to succeed as a solopreneur

Being a solo entrepreneur or "solopreneur" can be empowering, lucrativ...

Kayla Brown
09 Apr 2021

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How to easily find clients for your freelance business

Your freelance business' success will ultimately be determined by your...

08 Apr 2021

Freelancing skills that are in high demand in 2021

An estimated 59 million Americans — around 36% of the workforce — were...

07 Apr 2021

Life on the Go: 6 Dos and Don'ts for Digital Nomads

The phenomenon of digital nomadism is probably the biggest change to h...

Em Seikkanen
01 Apr 2021

Takeaways from our #freelancingisforeveryone campaign

We initially kicked off International Women's Month in a bit of a pani...

Kayla Brown
30 Mar 2021

Confessions of a founder (who happens to be female)

Meet Katrin Press. Up until March 2020, she was a commercial food phot...

Kayla Brown
26 Mar 2021

9 essential insights from our imposter syndrome webinar

Earlier this month, we conducted a survey of our female users and lear...

Kayla Brown
25 Mar 2021

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4 important reasons freelancing is a better fit for working ...

As a woman professional, “little things” build up over time even befor...

Em Seikkanen
23 Mar 2021

7 books by women entrepreneurs that every woman in business ...

Who runs the world? Sadly, this may be the one thing that Beyoncé was ...

Em Seikkanen
18 Mar 2021

If women '...belong in all places where decisions are being ...

Yes, another blog post about gender equality, the pay gap, and lack of...

Elina Räsänen
16 Mar 2021

Win a Coworking Session with Business Coach Bea Mangar!

Is negative inner dialogue holding you back from taking the plunge int...

Kayla Brown
10 Mar 2021

How Xolo already failed at International Women's Month and h...

When we initially started talking about our International Women's Mont...

Kayla Brown
08 Mar 2021

Xolo's #AlternativeValentines Round Up

Hunter S. Thompson once said, "When the going gets weird, the weird tu...

Kayla Brown
12 Feb 2021

A serial adventurer embraces his professional side with Xolo...

Meet Johnny Ward — entrepreneur, founder of the popular travel blog on...

Kayla Brown
06 Feb 2021

How to save 20% VAT when invoicing

Being VAT compliant is one of the things that can keep freelancers awa...

07 Jan 2021

2020 roundup: most popular blogs from Xolo

Ever since we launched our blog in 2016, we have had the goal to be th...

30 Dec 2020

The beats and photos Xolopreneurs remember 2020 by

2020 will be unforgettable, there’s no denying that. The ending year w...

22 Dec 2020

5 most common mistakes new freelancers make

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and become your own boss. We coul...

Kayla Brown
15 Dec 2020

[Video] How to find clients for your online business

So you are interested in starting your own solobusiness or already hav...

23 Nov 2020

How Xolo makes freelancer payments simple for enterprises

Trash Gang is a new-age cyber community connecting artists from all ov...

17 Nov 2020
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