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Connect with the world’s top freelancers, for free

In the era of remote work, successful businesses are looking for freel...

14 Dec 2023

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Xolo Go vs Manymore: The best invoicing tool for freelancers...

Whether you’re a freelance software developer or do photography work o...

Elena Prokopets
25 Aug 2023

The freelancer’s secret to getting paid what you’re worth

Freelancer’s often aren’t paid what they’re worth. And the issue goes ...

2 methods successful freelancers use to combat workaholism

As someone who works in the digital space, I understand how important ...

Mark Travers
23 Aug 2023

Compared: Estonian e-Residency vs Liberland citizenship

In 2023, the concepts of statehood and nationality are evolving. While...

Maya Middlemiss
22 Aug 2023

How to vet freelancers in 6 effective steps

The benefits of hiring freelancers are ample, but the process of hirin...

Elena Prokopets
22 Aug 2023

How to fire a freelance client the professional way

“I don’t feel bad about letting you go, I just feel sad about letting ...

Maya Middlemiss
16 Aug 2023
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Xolo vs Useme: Which Freelance Invoicing Platform is Best?

The freelance economy has been booming for several years now, but glob...

Elena Prokopets
10 Aug 2023

Xolo vs Native Teams: Invoicing without a company, compared!

Being self-employed has many perks — no 9-to-5, no annoying boss, no c...

Elena Prokopets
09 Aug 2023

13 financial terms every freelancer needs to know

You could invest an indefinite amount of time in learning business ter...

Xolo vs Ruul: Which Freelancer Invoicing Platform is Best?

Xolo Go uniquely offers the option to transition from freelancing to f...

Elena Prokopets
07 Aug 2023

Xolo Partner Program: Join and earn up to €200 per referral

Welcome to Xolo's Partner Program, an opportunity for businesses and p...

03 Aug 2023

Freelancer vs Employee: Which is better and how do I start?

If you’re here for the quick and dirty answer, check out the side-by-s...

How To Find Your Unique Selling Point As A Freelancer

When you’re bringing your freelancing skills out against the world, st...

Maya Middlemiss
28 Jul 2023

15 terrific side hustle ideas to try and how to get started

You have a lot of marketable skills (or you’re ready to try something ...

Elena Prokopets
27 Jul 2023

2 steps to crush the 'nice leader' dilemma and evoke respect

Leadership is a balancing act, teetering between being a pushover and ...

Mark Travers
25 Jul 2023

Entrepreneurial Insights with edu-tech visionary, André Piep...

“Of course, entrepreneurship doesn't just offer endless fun”

25 Jul 2023

A successful freelancer’s guide to finding long-term clients

Many of us turn to freelancing because we love the variety it offers, ...

Maya Middlemiss
24 Jul 2023

Guide to hiring freelance consultants

Operating a business is no small task. There are a lot of things that ...

Elena Prokopets
13 Jul 2023

Guide to hiring freelance writers

Any content marketing manager will tell you: Writers make (or break) t...

Elena Prokopets
13 Jul 2023
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