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Freelance Company Setup | 4 min read

Five tips for freelancers doing business in Europe ahead of a no-deal Brexit

Since June 2016, you haven't been able to move in the UK for talk of B...

15 Oct 2019
Company Setup | 3 min read

What’s the deal with taxes when you pay yourself with Xolo Leap?

We get this question a lot from our customers, and there’s a lot of mi...

16 Sep 2019
Company Setup e-Residency | 3 min read

How to easily start an EU business in 2019

Why would you want to establish a business in Europe in 2019? Well, th...

19 Jul 2019
Company Setup e-Residency | 6 min read

How an Entrepreneur Uses LeapIN to Make His Working Life Efficient

Andrei Dyldin, CEO of Cesbo, knows what the future of his industry — d...

05 Jul 2018

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Should Incorporate Their Global Businesses with Estonian e-Residency

LeapIN provides the simplest way to start and run your global micro bu...

08 Feb 2018
Company Setup e-Residency | 9 min read

A Step By Step Guide To Applying For e-Residency

Estonia’s e-Residency programme makes starting and running a global bu...

08 Feb 2018
Company Setup e-Residency | 7 min read

Open an Estonian Company Without EVER Going to Estonia

In the early days of the Estonian e-Residency program, many wondered w...

05 Oct 2017
Company Setup e-Residency | 5 min read

The Cost of Running a Company in Estonia

Before embarking on a new business venture, any wannabe entrepreneur s...

16 Aug 2017
Freelance Company Setup | 33 min read

How to Set Up a Profitable Location Independent Business — A Step-by-Step Guide

Location independent jobs are on the rise.

09 Aug 2017

How Olga Opened Her EU company in a Few Weeks Stress-free

We asked Olga 5 questions about joining LeapIN in a hurry, and the cha...

28 Jul 2017
Company Setup e-Residency | 10 min read

The Ultimate Guide to e-Residency and Borderless Business Banking — Your Options

E-Residency is shaking up the way companies conduct their global busin...

03 Jun 2017
Company Setup e-Residency | 7 min read

How To Brexit-proof Your UK Business If You Have EU Customers

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has created a profound level of unce...

09 May 2017
Freelance Company Setup | 8 min read

Self-employment just became more difficult in the UK

Here’s how to go location-independent instead. The British government ...

10 Mar 2017
Company Setup e-Residency | 9 min read

9 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Company With Estonian e-Residency

Some of the world’s fastest growing companies started in the small nor...

19 Dec 2016
Freelance Company Setup | 5 min read

How to Turn Your Freelancing Into a Business

The number of global freelancers is quickly approaching 100 million pe...

Rob Erich
01 Dec 2016
Company Setup e-Residency | 19 min read

7 Highly Practical Tips for Choosing a Company Name as a Digital Nomad or Freelancer

First impressions count.

26 Oct 2016
Company Setup e-Residency | 8 min read

Beat Brexit: 4 Ways It’s Easier to Run an Estonian Business Inside the UK

An increasing number of Brits are starting Estonian businesses since t...

19 Sep 2016