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How to hire freelancers for a startup: tips for founders

As every bit of “founder’s wisdom” says: people are the critical eleme...

Elena Prokopets
19 May 2022

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How to submit annual reports for my Estonian company?

The preparation and submission of an annual report is a common busines...

Maya Middlemiss
16 May 2022

How to onboard freelancers & independent contractors

As the talent market remains white-hot, you need to be decisive when i...

Elena Prokopets
13 May 2022

The Ultimate List of 77 Freelance Marketplaces

Freelancers are the fastest-growing segment of the European labor mark...

09 May 2022

How refactoring keeps spirits and code standards high on the...

Editor's note: This post was co-written by Piret Kerem, Head of Engine...

Piret Kerem
06 May 2022

The State of Independents (Xolo is 7!)

Today, Xolo is turning 7 years old.

04 May 2022

With an accounting service based on artificial intelligence,...

Estonian technology company Xolo, one of the world’s leading platforms...

04 May 2022
 The blog for modernfreelancers The blog for modernfreelancers The blog for modernfreelancers

How to get your first client as a freelancer

Firstly, congratulations! If this blog has caught your eye that means ...

Patrick Johnson
01 May 2022

The ultimate guide to paying taxes for your Estonian company

Benjamin Franklin was right — there are only two certainties in life, ...

Maya Middlemiss
27 Apr 2022

2 new ideas are changing the way we think about depression

New research shows us better ways to think about — and care for — our ...

Mark Travers
26 Apr 2022

How to manage a freelance team to achieve great synergy

The pandemic rebuilt standard operating structures. Office cubicles tu...

Elena Prokopets
21 Apr 2022

How to choose a service provider for your Estonian company

The creation of the Estonian e-residency program in 2014 was an outsta...

Maya Middlemiss
11 Apr 2022

6 things to remember when managing Millennial freelancers

The “avocado toast overspenders,” “narcissists,” “immature dreamers,” ...

Elena Prokopets
08 Apr 2022

Xolo Go expands its service to Mexico, Brazil and Argentina ...

As a freelancer, you'd like to think the hard part is over once the wo...

04 Apr 2022

3 ways to scale your freelance business (that actually work)

What do you do when you are stuck mid-freelance career? What I’m refer...

Elena Prokopets
01 Apr 2022

How to negotiate freelance rates with a new client

Excitement, joy, and a bigggggg shot of confidence. That's how the vas...

Blessing Onyegbula
01 Apr 2022

Female Xolopreneurs: You're charging 50% less than your male...

Last year during International Women's Month, we learned that only 15%...

Kayla Brown
31 Mar 2022

Accounting requirements for your Estonian company

Estonian companies have accounting requirements, whether the directors...

Maya Middlemiss
30 Mar 2022

Invoice in 7 currencies and accept card payments with Xolo G...

We come bearing fantastic news —not one, but two of your most requeste...

24 Mar 2022

Xolopreneurs: You don’t have to be an extravert to be a grea...

New research shows that it’s communication skill, not extraversion, th...

Mark Travers
23 Mar 2022
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