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Customer Story | 3 min read

Helping visionaries one existential venture at a time

“I help visionaries build futures worth working for.” That’s how Morit...

17 Oct 2019

Working around the world with a remote team, thanks to Xolo

Jonathan Jeffrey is passionate about digital and creative marketing wi...

19 Aug 2019

Why a translator chooses Xolo Leap to make his business life fluent

The ability to accurately translate words from one language to another...

14 Nov 2018

Creativity, Inspiration, and LeapIN — the perfect package

Nuno Sà Pessoa runs his company Skookum Films with his two co-founders...

12 Oct 2018
Freelance Customer Story | 4 min read

How you can start a business in India via Estonia that travels around the world with you

Timour Scrève is a man who understands the value of good data. It’s th...

10 Sep 2018

Italian Innovation meets Estonian ingenuity to keep one entrepreneur busy

Running multiple businesses, with numerous facets, across different co...

16 Aug 2018
Freelance Customer Story | 5 min read

How two digital nomads travel freely and take their work around the world with LeapIN

James Ivings is a developer and digital nomad who runs his company, Sq...

26 Jul 2018

Why I used LeapIN and e-Residency to launch my startup Cryptee — an encrypted home for your private files

We asked John to write about his experience in becoming an e-resident ...

02 Jul 2018

How combining 20 years’ experience with e-Residency can take your business global

Bertrand Dour is an e-resident, entrepreneur, and business owner from ...

08 Jun 2018

Becoming a part of the Estonian ecosystem and taking your business around the world with LeapIN

Lila is an ambitious entrepreneur fascinated by modern digital communi...

22 May 2018

LeapIN: The Perfect Solution to High Blood Pressure

As a society, we’re regularly told to look after our health. There are...

27 Apr 2018

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Marketing, Made Easy with LeapIN

Knowledge management and knowledge marketing is something that busines...

19 Apr 2018

How a German digital nomad runs his global company via Estonia

Nik Bender runs Leadmtch OÜ, and is a German digital nomad relishing s...

05 Apr 2018

This ‘Solopreneur’ Achieves His Goals with LeapIN

Miguel Piñas Rodriguez isn’t just a man of action — he’s also a man fo...

28 Mar 2018

How LeapIN Makes Business Less Bureaucratic

What should an entrepreneur do if they’re working in a country that do...

16 Mar 2018

How LeapIN Kept an International Entrepreneur Moving

Christoph Huebner, a German entrepreneur, isn’t a man for leaving thin...

13 Mar 2018

Here’s How a LeapIN Customer Stops Vegans from Going Hungry

A lot of the time, when an innovation like Estonian e-Residency appear...

27 Feb 2018

How Using an Estonian Company Can Support Your Digital Nomad Lifestyle

We spoke to Jake, a UK national who quit the rat race to travel and li...

26 Jan 2018

Why Having An Estonian (EU) Company Gives Your Business International Credibility

We spoke to Carlos, a software developer from Brazil, on why having an...

22 Dec 2017

Why LeapIN is a Perfect Backup Plan to do Business in the EU

We asked Rodrigo, a serial entrepreneur, why he chose LeapIN as a back...

22 Nov 2017

Why LeapIN Is the Ideal Solution for a Digital Nomad

We asked Dylan, a British national who wanted to become a digital noma...

11 Sep 2017

How Olga Opened Her EU company in a Few Weeks Stress-free

We asked Olga 5 questions about joining LeapIN in a hurry, and the cha...

28 Jul 2017

How E-Residency Enabled Me to Run My Business Smarter

Berlin-based entrepreneur and globe-trotting digital nomad Saskia Vola...

22 Apr 2017
Freelance Customer Story | 14 min read

Thinking about becoming a digital nomad?

We asked Zack, a seasoned entrepreneur and successful Digital Nomad, t...

23 Feb 2017