Xolo vs Native Teams: Invoicing without a company, compared!

Elena Prokopets
Written by Elena Prokopets
on August 09, 2023 6 minute read

Being self-employed has many perks — no 9-to-5, no annoying boss, no corporate politics. But there's a twist… You may need to put on a business hat to send compliant invoices.

If you're planning to go global, or vying for larger corporate clients, you might just need the credentials of a registered legal entity. Thankfully, you don’t have to run around in circles trying to figure out company incorporation rules in your country of residence. 

Meet Xolo Go and Native Teams — global invoicing platforms that aim to simplify client invoicing for solos (and streamline other freelance admin chores!).  

Xolo Go vs Native Teams: Side-by-side comparison 

Xolo Go is a global invoicing solution for independents. With Xolo, you can issue VAT-inclusive invoices to clients as a real company without the hassle of maintaining one. Send your first invoice in ten minutes (or less!) using our professional invoice generator. Receive money to your newly-issued business bank account number (IBAN), then withdraw the funds to your personal account or cover outstanding business expenses. We make expense management easy too! 

Native Teams offers a host of “employment as a service” solutions, ranging from employer of record (EOR) services to legal client invoicing through their company infrastructure. Similar to Xolo Go, Native Teams lets you bill clients across the globe, stack up funds in a secure virtual wallet, and spend them using a Native Teams card or by withdrawing to a personal bank account.

Yet despite their similar value propositions, the two invoicing solutions differ in features and add-on services.


Xolo Go 

Native Teams 


Issue your first legal invoice in ten minutes or less with an online invoice generator. 

Invoice clients without registering your own company with a flexible invoicing system. 

Who is it best for? 

Location-independent freelance service providers, looking for a hassle-free invoicing experience. 

Independent talent looking for an invoicing platform with banking services. 


186 countries 🌍

Global 🌍

Setup time

10 minutes 

One day 

Online invoicing system



Automated VAT calculations



Recurring billing



Invoice count



Supported payment methods

  • Bank transfers 
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Bank transfers 
  • Debit and credit cards

Supported Currencies




Including EUR, GBP, USD, HRK, TRY and more.  


Flat rate of 5.9% for any outgoing payment

Extra 1.9% charge for card payment processing 

€19-€59/mo depending on the processed revenue.  

Extra fees may apply to account withdrawals/payment processing. 

Integrated business banking services


  • European business bank account number (IBAN) to receive SEPA payments.

  • Online payment processor integration for billing in other currencies. 


  • Multi-currency virtual wallet service with a EURO IBAN. 
  • Payment gateway integration for other currencies. 
  • Native Teams debit card in USD/EUR.

Payout time to bank account

Same day 

24-72 hours 

Payment reminders


Set up automatic follow-ups on overdue invoices to chase up late payers. 

Overdue invoice follow-ups are currently not supported. 

Financial analytics 


Track your income and business expenses from a convenient dashboard to better manage your cash flow. 

Download detailed book keeping records to breeze through tax reporting. 


Get a full financial overview of all the processed payments and reported expenses through your virtual wallet. 

Access to a freelance marketplace


Register with Xolo to receive 1:1 intros to prospective clients and well-paid gigs. Network with fellow solos and build up your acumen through a free knowledge center. 

Native Teams doesn’t provide access to any job opportunities at present. 

Employer of record (EOR) services

Xolo doesn’t offer EOR services at present. 


Get an official employment status in one of the 55+ supported countries. 

Native Teams will act as your employer and help you handle all the payroll management tasks.

Option to incorporate as a legal entity


Yes, in Estonia 🇪🇪


Yes in the UK 🇬🇧

Tax and accounting assistance 


Xolo offers streamlined accounting & tax support services for freelancers, operating out of Spain, Italy and Estonia.  Or those, incorporated as an Estonian e-Residency program 😉


Native Teams offers accounting and tax optimization services for its users with an incorporated UK entity. 


How to choose the best client invoicing solution 

When you’re choosing a new invoicing software, there are several factors to consider: 

  • Eligibility requirements. Verify if the vendor supports your location and freelance status. Check if you need to fulfill any specific compliance criteria (e.g., have a valid tax number in your place of residence or active work permit). 
  • Supported currencies. Check if the invoicing platform supports all the currencies you need. Pay special attention to currency conversion fees (these can stack up fast!). Analyze supported payment gateways to understand the actual product usage costs. 
  • Base and add-on features. Some platforms offer a ton of features out of the box. Others provide the essentials and let you upgrade to a higher plan or purchase complementary services later on. Analyze what you’ll get as a base and which add-ons you may benefit from in the future.  
  • Usage restrictions. Confirm if that invoicing platform caters to your specific niche or industry. Some platforms may have limitations on certain industries due to regulations. Also, pay attention to any usage caps such as “minimum invoice sum” or “max allowed revenue per account” to avoid unsavory surprises. 
  • Total costs. Pricing plans can differ a lot. Some invoicing tools require monthly subscriptions. Others use it as a pay-as-you-go model. Factor in all costs — subscription (if any) plus extra transactional fees for payment processing and withdrawals to a personal bank account. 


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Why Xolo Go is the best alternative to Native Teams 

Xolo Go and Native Teams eliminate the complexities of cross-border invoicing. And while both excel in this department, Xolo Go offers just a couple more sweet extras 😋

Freelancer-first product 

Native Teams was primarily envisioned as an employment platform for freelancers, remote workers and organizations that hire them. They built their product to solve the problem of hiring remote workers and freelancers without the bureaucratic hassle of registering as an in-country employer. 

Therefore, Native Teams has a stronger product offering for employers, spanning over employer of record (EOR) services, global payroll management, corporate tax optimization, absence management and more. Extra features for freelancers were designed later on, based on the existing flows for global payroll administration. So some of the features may appear less convenient for independents, used to billing multiple clients, rather than working for one remote employer at a time. 

Xolo Go, in comparison, was designed as a freelancer-first product, designed to make payments and accounting easier. Our invoicing solution is an organic extension of our first flagship product: Xolo Leap, which enables anyone to set up and manage a company from anywhere on the planet using our admin, accounting and payment toolkit. 

With Xolo Go, our mission was to design a simple interface for interacting with the complex world of cross-border payments and compliance.  By choosing Xolo Go, you get an invoicing platform, purpose-built to meet the needs of location-independent solos. 

No monthly subscription costs 

Xolo Go has a simple flat-rate fee structure, applied to outgoing payments. 

Whenever you withdraw funds to your personal bank account or reimburse a business expense, we take out a 5.9% fee. In other words: Our invoicing software is virtually free until you start cashing out your income. 

There are no monthly subscription costs, setup plans or revenue-based surcharges. You pay for Xolo Go only when you’re actively invoicing clients. 

Native Teams ropes you into a monthly subscription plan. Subscription fees vary, based on the processed monthly revenue. If you’re invoicing under €2K per month, the plan costs only €19. But the costs go up to €39 when you cross the monthly €5K mark and to  €59/mo for anything above €5K. 

Subscription-based pricing may be a bit more limiting for people freelancing on the side. Likewise, income-based pricing can make it harder to budget for every month. 

Access to new work opportunities 

Native Teams does an amazing job of providing you with all the tools you need to get settled for work — payments, expense tracking and even local employment contracts. 

Xolo goes a notch further and also helps you score new freelance work. With Xolo, you can get matched with well-paid projects and pleasant-to-deal-with clients. Tell us what you’re good at via your personal portfolio page and we’ll send pre-qualified leads your way. You can also network with fellow independents and browse our extensive collection of free educational resources 😉 

Native Teams vs Xolo Go: TL: DRs 

Xolo Go and Native Teams offer an easy way to issue tax invoices without registering as a legal entity. But in each case, you get a slightly different toolkit. 

Native Teams has a stronger focus on cross-border employment, offering ample solutions for getting a local employment status, a local work contract and benefits (even if you’re an independent). They can also help with work permits and relocation for an extra fee. 

Xolo Go, on the other hand, simplifies all things invoicing — from cross-border payments to VAT collection and ongoing compliance. Our goal is to make invoicing a simple, straightforward experience for independents in every corner of the planet. 

Ask yourself these four questions to decide whether Xolo Go or Native Teams is right for you:

  • Do I have regular freelance income? Native Teams comes with a monthly subscription plan. Xolo Go has a pay-as-you-go pricing model. 
  • Do I want to get a legal employment contract in my country? Native Teams can act as your employer of record in 55+ countries, meaning you get the social protection as any other full-timer (think state-sponsored healthcare or pension fund contributions). Although you foot that bill yourself. 
  • Am I looking to incorporate as a legal entity?  Xolo Go opens an easier path to company incorporation in Estonia (for anyone globally) — a country with one of the most competitive tax systems and a lean e-Government infrastructure. You can convert your Xolo Go account to a Xolo Leap anytime when you decide to take the next big step! 
  • Am I looking for more freelance work? Xolo can make 1:1 intros to new clients. Forget about the bidding wars and endless proposals. Native Teams doesn’t offer any freelance job ops at present. 


Test-drive Xolo Go for free. We only get paid when you do! 

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