LeapIN is now Xolo, and launches world’s first virtual company

Written by Xolo
on July 15, 2019

LeapIN has very exciting news.

  • We’ve successfully raised Series A funding
  • LeapIN is rebranding to Xolo
  • And we are launching a new product for freelancers which we call ‘Xolo Go’

Series A funding

Last month our team completed a $7 million (€6 million) Series A funding round from venture investors in Estonia, Finland and France to help us expand, while further improving our platform and service. You can read more here.

LeapIN is now Xolo

We’re rebranding from LeapIN to Xolo to allow us to better reflect the customers that make up our community of independent workers. Our long-term vision is to become the go-to platform for freelancers and solopreneurs launching independent businesses all around the world. We aim to provide the best functionality and service while reducing the complexity and time spent running your business.

Xolo Go — Get early access today

We’re so excited to announce our first new product, Xolo Go, which will sit alongside our current service. It’s based on a revolutionary new concept — the “virtual company”, giving freelancers almost all the functionality of a fully-fledged business (including a bank account, billing, expense management and salary payouts) without ever registering one. Instead, Xolo Go is based on a partnership agreement with Xolo that allows freelancers to use Xolo as their legal entity.

It’s perfect for people who are just starting their independent business, or who have low or irregular income from freelancing.

Xolo Leap, the same great service as LeapIN

Our existing service, which uses Estonian e-Residency, is getting a cool new name. As a nod to our heritage, it is now known as Xolo ‘Leap’. The excellent service will remain the same, and we look forward to updating you about new functionality and enhancements in the near future, including improved banking, a mobile app, and much more!

We’re very proud that 93% of Xolo customers hotly recommend us to their friends, and that number has not wavered over time. Our team is still here and your continued satisfaction is our main priority.

A big thank you

We would like to personally thank each and every one of our 2,500 customers as of this morning. We have been in touch with hundreds of you in the last few months and received incredibly valuable feedback and new ideas for Xolo.

And if you haven’t been in touch we would love to hear your own thoughts and feedback. Are you a current customer, or just interested? Are you satisfied with our service? Is there anything we could differently or better? We look forward to hearing from any and all members of the Xolo community at hello@xolo.io.

Team Xolo