Boost your freelance career with Xolo's enhanced profile creator

Written by Xolo
on February 01, 2024 2 minute read

Standing out in any field requires a couple of things: Being great at it, and getting noticed — exponentially greater in a world where your digital presence is a key player in your professional success.

Strengthening our mission of making freelancing better than employment, we’re proud to announce the launch of our enhanced freelance profile builder.  

Why do freelancers need a strong digital presence? We sent a survey to the 130K freelancers in our database, and it showed that establishing visibility and building a brand are among the top 5 biggest challenges freelancers face throughout their careers. When a freelancer discovers their unique selling point (USP), they still battle hurdles like client relationship management and securing gigs or long-term projects. Visibility and brand presence significantly contribute to overcoming these hurdles.

We at Xolo take on the challenge of making you unmissable. It’s why this enhanced freelance profile builder isn't just a design upgrade, it's a strategic evolution shaped through invaluable insights from recruiters, clients and freelancers alike. We recognize the diverse perspectives and needs of these key stakeholders, and their instrumental feedback helps shape a profile creation tool that builds unmissable profiles, balanced between easy-to-digest and detail rich. 

Your Xolo profile is a powerful tool to aid you in meeting the demands of recruiters seeking top talents, clients in search of skilled professionals, and freelancers aspiring to stand out in today’s über-competitive market. 


What features does Xolo offer freelancers in profile creation?

From the seemingly mundane details we all recognize, to unique assets built to highlight your most delectable professional victories, our freelancer-focused profile builder is constantly evolving around the needs of the Xolo community: You 🫵

The necessary general bits

Without a proper profile picture, name, properly executed title and skillset, how could you expect recruiters, clients or other freelancers to discover you?



Highlight your best moments and projects

Shine a spotlight on your most impressive projects and moments, giving potential clients a solidly-quick overview of your capabilities through these fully-customizable blocks. 


Earn eye-catching, credit-worthy badges

Getting online trust from recruiters based on a profile is tricky. These badges are offered through qualifications to garner that trust on-the-spot:

  1. VERIFIED: Get started with Xolo to effortlessly manage your business administration and become verified in under 5 minutes!
  2. PRO: Be in your field’s top 10% while using Xolo to do so, and receive the PRO badge

Have your skills, and endorse them too

Anyone can boast their knowledge of Figma, Java or Graphics Design, but can they back it up? You certainly can. Gain endorsements from fellow freelancers, clients and colleagues to add that needed bit of credibility and bravado to your skill-tree. 



Share anywhere, earn rewards

Your Xolo profile can be shared anywhere with a (short ‘n sweet) link, customizable preview image and a few extra goodies.

Paid Xolo subscribers can now earn rewards when sharing their profile, simply by having new users view their profile using the link — when they sign up for a plan themselves, both of you get a sizeable bonus 💰


💡 We highly recommend you complete your profile creation 100% of the way, to stand the best chance of nailing down new clients, growing your network and earning rewards. 

How to create your free freelance profile using Xolo

  1. Sign up or log in for free to access Xolo’s newly enhanced profile builder.
  2. Create your profile: Navigate to your profile page and start filling in your details
  3. Enter your details and hit Publish to make things public 
  4. Share your link anywhere, let the world know your presence is growing!

It’s time for you to take center stage, freelancer

Xolo's enhanced profile builder empowers freelancers like you in their digital journey. Elevate your online presence, showcase your expertise and attract the right opportunities with our enhanced features. Level-up your freelancing game — build your enhanced profile on Xolo today!

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