Xolo Go vs Manymore: The best invoicing tool for freelancers?

Elena Prokopets
Written by Elena Prokopets
on August 25, 2023 7 minute read

Whether you’re a freelance software developer or do photography work on the side, you’ve got more important things to do than sweat over manually billing clients, or spend hours pouring over your tax declaration when the season comes. 

Xolo Go and Manymore are two freelancer-friendly invoicing platforms that promise to eliminate the hassle and stress of client billing. 

In this post, we’ll compare both solutions to see who can help you better run a leaner freelance business, stay compliant and be free from bureaucratic burdens. 

Why freelancers need a professional invoicing tool

The short answer? Compliance and taxes. 

All your freelancing income must be reported to tax authorities monthly, quarterly or annually (depending on where you work in the world). To ensure that your income is legit, tax authorities need a traceable proof trail, aka… all your invoices. 

An invoice is a legally binding document, recording a sales transaction. Invoices should have:

  • Consecutive numbers for easy traceability
  • Client information (name, tax details, etc) 
  • Clear service descriptions to avoid any ambiguity about the nature of the transaction
  • Invoice totals, which correspond with the incoming payment 
  • All applicable taxes included for reporting to the said authority


Sure, you can make invoices in any word processor or with a free PDF invoice generator, but you’ll end up entering the same data over and over again. That’s when mistakes creep in. Moreover, you’ll have to store those copies somewhere and then click through each one to report your income. 

Professional invoicing software provides you with a convenient hub for generating compliant invoices and collecting payments online. Such tools automatically generate the correct invoice number, add contact information (from a saved address book), do the total tally and ensure all applicable taxes and expenses are claimed. 

… all so that you: 

  • Save time with automatic and even recurring invoice generation, payment reminders and tax calculations. 
  • Reduce compliance risks by maintaining accurate, traceable records of payment transactions and business expenses. 
  • Get paid faster with integrated payment processing tools, and avoid the hassle of last-minute emails or incorrect invoices. 


You can get all of the above features (and more!) with invoicing platforms like Xolo Go and Manymore. 

Xolo Go vs Manymore: Side-by-side comparison

Xolo Go hooks you up with legal infrastructure for invoicing like a company, without needing to incorporate one. You get a neat stack of financial tools: an online invoice generator, a business bank account number, and a business expense management suite to legally get paid in seven currencies. Xolo’s mission is to make cross-border business easy for independents, freelancing on the side or full-time. 

Manymore offers a simple invoicing solution for the Norwegian market. If you’re registered as a legal entity in Norway, you can use their free invoicing tool to create compliant invoices. And for the self-employed, there’s a salary service — invoice all customers without a company and get paid after tax. Manymore will handle all the accounting and tax reports on your behalf. 

Check out our feature-by-feature comparison of how Xolo Go stacks against Manymore. 


Xolo Go 



Invoice clients in 186 countries with an easy-to-set-up invoicing platform. 

Invoice with or without a company in Norway and get payslips generated for you. 

Who is it best for? 

Location-independent freelance service providers.

Norway-based freelancers and business owners. 


186 countries 🌍

Norway residents 🇳🇴

Account setup time

10 minutes 

Xolo Go uses advanced know-your-customer (KYC) technology to immediately validate your identity documents and sign you on for our service. 

You just need an email address and a copy of your ID. 

One day 

You can sign up in two ways: using a Norwegian Bank ID (faster) or by uploading a copy of your national ID. 

If you’re a foreigner in Norway, you must also upload an ID and a letter from Skatteetaten that mentions your national ID number (D-number).

Free online invoice generator 



Automated VAT calculations



Invoice count



Minimum invoicing amount 


Not listed 

Recurring invoices


Send invoices automatically on a set date (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). 

All invoices must be created manually and cannot be pre-programmed. 

Supported payment methods

  • Bank transfers 
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Bank transfers in NOK 

Supported Currencies




Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Transaction fees

Flat rate of 5.9% for any outgoing payment

Extra 1.9% charge for card payment processing 

Flat rate of 4.9% for every salary invoice payment. 

Free online invoice sending for companies and 5kr per EHF delivery

Payout time to a bank account

1 working day 

1 working day 

Integrated business banking


Xolo provides a European business bank account number for SEPA payments) and a Stripe integration for card payment processing. 

You need to connect your own Norwegian bank account. 

Payslip generation

Xolo doesn’t generate payslips, but you can download detailed income statements for accounting purposes. 


Manymore will generate valid payslips for all invoices, processed through its Salary service. 

Payroll tax withholding 

✔️ Yes, for Estonian tax residents 🇪🇪

Xolo Go withholds and reports income tax, social tax and unemployment insurance taxes on your behalf if you’re a tax resident in Estonia. 

If you live in another country, Xolo Go will not withhold any taxes on the payouts. But you’re still responsible for declaring your income and handling applicable taxes. 

✔️ Yes, for Norwegian tax residents 🇳🇴 

Manymore automatically deducts employer's tax of 14,1% and salary tax (based on the percentage in your tax card at Skatteetaten) from your taxable income if you are a Norwegian tax resident. 

They also handle all deductible tax expenses and accounting procedures on your behalf. 

Payment reminders


Avoid late payments with pre-set payment reminders on overdue invoices. 

No invoice follow-up features are available at present. 

Financial analytics 


Get a bird-eye view of your income and spending through an analytics dashboard. Download accounting statements to crunch the numbers yourself or share them with your accountant. 

Manymore only provides a general overview of all generated invoices and payslips. You can also download these and analyze them in an accounting app. 

Project proposals & contract e-signing


Xolo Go lets you create project proposals for the client’s approval. Once accepted, the proposal will become a legally binding Service Agreement. Your invoice payout will be based on the accepted proposal. 


Manymore provides a simple e-Signing service. Replace paper agreements with digital forms to enter into service agreements faster. 

Access to new freelance gigs 


Register with Xolo's talent match-making ecosystem to get connected with new leads. 

Manymore doesn’t offer access to any work opportunities. 

Option to incorporate as a legal entity


Yes, through Estonia’s e-Residency program 🇪🇪

Manymore doesn’t facilitate company incorporation in Norway. 

Tax and accounting assistance 


Xolo provides accounting & tax support services for freelancers, operating out of Spain, Italy and Estonia, or those incorporated as a legal entity in Estonia


Manymore provides comprehensive payroll support for Norway-based freelancers. They deduct all taxes, handle social benefits and provide baseline accounting support. 

Why Xolo Go is the best alternative to Manymore 

The main difference between Xolo Go and Manymore is the scope of operations: Xolo Go is a global invoicing solution and Manymore is a stellar service for Norwegian freelancers. There are other ways in which the two grow farther apart in their offerings: 

Global eligibility 

Doing business internationally was once only an option for big enterprises. But globalization, paired with new connectivity technologies and modern legal frameworks like Estonian e-Residency, now enables anyone to transact with companies from every corner of the world.

With Xolo Go, you can be based in any country and use our invoicing platform to bill clients globally. We hook you up with cross-border payment processing tools and a business bank account in the EU while handling all the compliance processes in the background. 

Effectively, you get a slice of our company to legally accept payments, claim business expenses and do business globally 🌍 

Manymore is an invoicing solution for the Norwegian market. It excels in supporting local independents with compliant, VAT-inclusive invoicing, payslip generation and payroll tax management services. The platform also has integrations with popular local gig work platforms, which makes income reporting even easier.  

But if you’re based anywhere outside of Norway, you’re not eligible for Manymore’s invoicing without a company solution. So if you want to do business without any geo-constraints, Manymore isn’t the best option. 

Multi-currency support 

Xolo Go lets you invoice clients in seven currencies: EUR, USD, CAD, CHF, GBP, PLN and SEK. These are the most popular ones for global trades (and we’re working on adding more). 

Every user also gets a business bank account number (IBAN) to accept low/no-fee SEPA payments from clients in euro. For other currencies, you can use our Stripe integration to process card payments at a 1.9% fee.

In contrast, Manymore requires you to bring your own Norwegian bank account (personal or business). You can’t use any other banking service. You can also only invoice clients in Norwegian Krone (NOK), which is convenient for residents, but limiting for independents aiming to work with international companies. 

As a Norway-registered company, you can still use their free invoice generator to send invoices in NOK, but no other currency is supported. 

Amazing add-on services 

Manymore focuses on doing one thing great: making it super easy to get paid as a self-employed person in Norway. The company withholds all the applicable payroll taxes, helps you claim applicable project expenses and access local benefits (sick leave, unemployment insurance, etc). 

In terms of add-ons, you also get access to a free contract e-Signing tool, but that’s about where things end. 

Xolo expands outside of baseline invoicing. We offer full accounting and tax support to independents, operating out of Spain, Italy and Estonia. We can help you better understand your tax obligations, register for a VAT number, and breeze through all the pesky, but hugely important tax and compliance procedures. 

And when you’re ready to take the next step and incorporate as a legal entity, we’ve got you covered too. You can easily switch from Xolo Go to Xolo Leap — our service for incorporating and running a remote e-Residency company. 

Finally, if your work schedule feels a bit light, we’ll hook you up with new connections via 

Xolo's freelancer-first ecosystem, where you get matched with serious clients, can connect with fellow freelancers, or learn more about business admin from our ever-expanding educational library. 

In other words, Xolo aims to be the one-stop-shop for fiercely independent freelancers, no matter where they are on their journey. 

Manymore vs Xolo Go: TL:DRs 

Xolo Go and Manymore both provide an option to invoice like a company without operating one, but the exact value propositions are different. Xolo Go is a global invoicing solution, whereas Manymore was built specifically for the Norwegian market. 

To sum up, the key differences between Xolo Go vs Manymore:

  • Global eligibility. As long as you’re not living in a sanctioned country, you’re warmly welcomed to join our tribe of 130K+ Xolopreneurs. Manymore’s services are only available to Norwegian residents. 
  • Multi-currency support. Get paid in the most traded currencies. We make cross-border payments less complex by supplying you with a SEPA business bank account and card processing tool. Manymore only supports local bank transfers in NOK. 
  • Bigger growth potential. Save up on investing in multiple business admin tools by using Xolo’s integrated services. With us, you can get accounting, tax and compliance in three European countries, as well as full support with operating an Estonian e-Residency company. 


Test-drive Xolo Go for free. We only get paid when you do! 

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