Xolo launches a new €59 Starter plan

Written by Xolo
on March 28, 2024 3 minute read

As a market leader on the e-Residency marketplace, Xolo has always been trusted to take care of business admin for solopreneurs. Now, all the peace of mind and convenience comes at a reduced price tag for new customers. 

Today you can jumpstart your e-Residency business for just €59/month. Xolo provides you with a hassle-free business setup and admin management system, including tax reporting, accounting, expense calculations and much more. 

Just the right plan to get you going

Xolo caters to the needs of a lot of different businesses but most of them have one thing in common - they belong to solopreneurs determined to empower themselves to lead independent and flexible lives. Some of those businesses are just getting started while others have hundreds of customers and thousands of transactions. If your business steers more toward the first, you'll make good use of our new, affordable plan aimed just at the businesses that are making their first steps towards success. 

The new €59 Starter plan features everything you need to get your business off the ground: assistance with company registration (or help with switching to Xolo), an intuitive online platform, integrations with different banking providers, and a dedicated team to handle your reporting. 

You can have 5 sales and 10 bank transactions a month and enjoy the affordable plan until you reach €4,000 in revenues or when the first 12 months go by. What happens next? Well, you'll just get to enjoy the upgraded version of Xolo's services that comes with unlimited invoicing for just €89 / month. You can learn more about Xolo's pricing here


What makes Xolo different?

To begin with, we’ve been in the e-Residency business since… e-Residency!

Over the last 9 years, we’ve helped 7,000 entrepreneurs to have less admin and more focus. All these years and heavy focus on developing our services have led to multiple advantages that one simply cannot ignore when choosing a service provider. So, here are a few items to help you make up your mind. 

A tailor-made platform 

Xolo has spent years perfecting its online platform which allows you to keep track of your business from the comfort of wherever you are. Our custom-built platform provides every customer with:

  • Professional invoicing solutions
  • Expense reporting and monitoring tools
  • Banking and payment gateway integrations
  • A mobile app to upload documents and access your business on the go

We’re not merely an online platform though. Xolo takes great pride in its world-class team of local accountants who know what you need (and what the government wants). 

Accountants who know your business 

Our team of experienced accountants is truly one-of-a-kind. Xolo’s 9 years of experience, coupled with a rigorous 6-month training for our new accountants no matter their accomplishments, means that we know this industry inside out – we live and breathe international business. And we have a soft spot for all the e-residents out there. 

Our dedicated team won’t ever leave you without notifications and alerts, detailed correspondence from real people, and easy-to-grasp information when it’s necessary. Each of our customers receives a personal accountant to understand your business to the fullest and to provide assistance whenever needed.

However, we believe in getting the job done with minimum interference with your daily life. Xolo makes your accounting digestible and virtually non-existent, letting you focus on growing your business and pushing ahead. 

Network, hire or be hired

Not only does Xolo take care of your business admin but it also provides connections so that new collaboration opportunities can arise within our community. Whether you’re looking for a new project or need extra help with one yourself, our complimentary Xchange platform is the place to be. Our network has grown to over 120K dedicated freelancers and independent professionals, as well as established businesses that are constantly looking for top-tier talent within.

Joining Xolo lets you publish your solopreneur profile and portfolio for free, and start connecting with other talents in your field, apply to exciting projects and grow your business - or hire talent yourself without leaving your dashboard! 


Bonus: quick-start invoicing while waiting for e-Residency

Another thing that sets Xolo apart from the competition is the array of services we can support you with. While e-Residency businesses are our specialty, we also offer tailored services to solopreneurs in Spain and Italy.

Furthermore, we are the only service provider who can get your business going when you don't have your e-Residency card. Introducing Xolo Go, a professional invoicing tool that doesn’t require a company.

Plenty of our customers start earning already during the 8-week window of the e-Residency application process. Take it from one of our customers: 

“I started off with Xolo Go because I just needed a quick way to get paid before setting up my company. I then switched over to Xolo Leap as this way I can develop my own brand and invoice everyone: private individuals and companies.” 
Minja Zeus, Finnish entrepreneur based in Spain

Xolo Go is built for independents, freelancers, and those who are hoping to grow their careers to the next level without a bunch of headaches when it comes to something as simple as invoicing.


If you want to get your business started or switch your existing company to Xolo, just get in touch via hello@xolo.io and we'll handle the rest. We truly cannot wait to have you onboard. 

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