How to invoice clients internationally: A complete guide

Written by Xolo
on April 09, 2024 4 minute read

Freelancers find themselves working with clients all across the globe in today’s borderless word of business. While this opens a world of opportunity, it welcomes alongside it a string of complexity:

  • Accepting payments in foreign currencies
  • Understanding tax laws in your home, residential or invoicing country
  • Professional expectations for the specific data in an issued invoice
  • … The list goes on

The task may seem daunting at first, but the right tools make invoicing your international clients a breeze from anywhere in the world. Today you’ll learn to navigate these challenges like a pro – leaving both you & your global clients completely satisfied.

What is an international invoice?

When you send an invoice to a client who operates from another country, you’re sending an international invoice.

Freelancers and entrepreneurs sending their international clients an invoice need to be sure regionally required data is included, such as: Value-added-tax (VAT), currency specifications, business registry information, and so on. 

Check our guide out on what to include in your invoices as a freelancer.

How do I make invoices for my international clients?

Creating international invoices is a checklist of to-dos that gets easier with time and repeat clients:

  • Use a template (or Xolo): Following a prefabricated layout will ensure you’re accurate, concise and uniform on every invoice you send. Xolo makes this even easier, with country-specific details depending on where your clients (and you!) are located.
  • Include invoice details: Write out a breakdown of services or goods being paid for, include an invoice number for tracking, and be sure to add the issue and due dates as well.
  • Add company details: Your international clients should provide all required information upon request. Be upfront about your needs to ensure they are thorough in their response.
  • Define payment terms: Ensure your client knows the payment will be made internationally, noting any currency exchanges possible, or necessary methods of payment (i.e. SWIFT, wire, ACH). 

New client? Request a quick meeting with a relevant member of their team to discuss agreeable payment terms and methods. Most businesses will appreciate the heads-up, given the occasional complexity of various transfer and currency exchange methods.

How do I send my clients an international invoice?

Emailing your clients their invoices can immediately cause frustration, lateness, the need for follow-ups, and confusion on the client’s side as well. Quite often your client will not be the ‘billing department’ of their company, and including them in the invoicing step may result in unnecessary 3rd-party handling, delays and so on.

Confidently send international invoices in two steps: 

  • Request contact info from your clients when asking for invoice details. Include a full name, email and position in the company. 
  • Send invoices through Xolo: Your clients will receive a branded, professional invoice; you’ll be able to track and automate a majority of your invoicing needs – send international invoices in minutes, hassle-free.


Xolo Go lets you generate and send international invoices for free, pay only 5,9% when you withdraw from your Xolo account. 

What should I consider when invoicing international clients?

With so many countries hosting their own regulations, invoicing clients internationally can burst with complexity in a heartbeat. Partnering with a tool like Xolo will strip that bureaucratic intricacy away, but it will always be up to you, the entrepreneur, to gather your client’s details and information, as well as agree on terms for payment. 


Considering your client’s native currency upfront, and offering them a payment solution upfront is a great way to stand out. Though the United States Dollar (USD) and Euro (EUR) dominate the majority of invoices issued by global entrepreneurs, international clients may need to pay their invoices differently, or simply request that it be so. Setting up a borderless banking account, and coupling your bank with Xolo, is a great way to ensure you’re ready to receive multiple currencies, convert them with fair rates (if necessary), and make your client’s time hassle-free. 

Methods of payment

How fast you’ll receive your payment and how simple it is for international clients to pay you is all up to the methods of payment available for your invoice. 

Be aware of international transfer terms when invoicing clients:

  • Bank wire
  • ACH
  • iDEAL
  • Credit or Debit
  • Cheque

Check with your payment provider to see what methods of payment they’re able to receive, and also to understand the costs sometimes associated with each. Not all transfer and payment methods are born equal, and your satisfaction with the end result of being paid depends on it.

Consider offering your clients local payment methods when it’s possible and convenient for you. Ensure they’re aware of your requirements or prohibitions as well. A bounced or returned payment can be frustrating for both your client and you, especially when work has been concluded. 

Using Xolo lets you handle multiple currencies when issuing international invoices. Consider coupling a borderless bank account with Wise to your Xolo account.

Can I send international invoices for free?

Yes! There are many ways in which you can generate and send your clients their invoices, and some are free. Be wary of hidden fees and untransparent pricing plans when choosing a service provider for invoice generation.

We recommend using Xolo Go if you’re just starting out. With Go, you can generate and send international invoices for free and pay only 5,9% when receiving funds. Other plans are available depending on your needs as an entrepreneur.


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