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Written by Xolo
on December 27, 2023 2 minute read

Xolo has always thought about e-residents as true innovation leaders who navigate the modern world in a clever way. Now, we’re combining the creative power of those professionals by forging connections among like-minded e-residents: meet Xchange.

A significant amount of e-residents run a solo business to lead a more flexible life and to work with customers of their choice. However, not all projects can be handled by one-man teams as the work load can be just too much. And sometimes, bringing someone else’s skill set to the table just makes sense to achieve a better end result. So how to connect with people who can help your work go farther, smarter?

Introducing Xchange: a platform for solopreneurs to connect with other businesses to take projects to a new level. 

Xchange - connect with best solopreneurs, for free

“Xolo has built an extraordinary network of global professionals through its innovative platform for managing an e-Residency business. The experience of this talent is unmatched by any other player in the ecosystem, so you can hardly go wrong by choosing a freelancer from Xolo to work with,” Mikko Teerenhovi, CEO of Xolo said.

Connecting with other professionals is now easy, as it should be. 

  1. Sign up to access the platform
  2. Create your profile, adding relevant experience and skills
  3. Browse other profiles to find interesting people to work with, start chats with them or just bookmark as favourite

You can start collaborating right there on the platform as Xolo assists you with everything from agreement templates to company management tools featuring intuitive invoicing, integrated banking and accounting. You can also use Xchange if your business is set up with any other service provider - forging meaningful connections comes without boundaries (as it should!). 


What makes Xchange different from any other platform out there? 

Xolo empowers e-residents with all necessary tools to stand out and get noticed by potential collaboration partners.

You’ll start by creating your profile that’s like a virtual business card, containing information about your experience, skills, most fascinating projects and relevant links. You can either use this within the Xchange platform or also as your go-to e-resident profile that you can share on your website or social media. 

Determine whether you’re available for collaboration and also add a rate if applicable. This will help to manage expectations for anyone getting in touch! You’ll also have a chance to browse the directory of already published profiles by using our smart AI-powered search tool that will help highlight the best matches according to your search criteria. 

If you want to see active collaboration offers, just head to the Projects section and apply for posts that seem like a great match for you. We’ll keep you updated on the progress via email so you’ll never miss a notification! 

Storytime: a developer went on a quest to find a designer 

Dario Thornhill from DevTerminal OÜ was standing at a crossroads: he would need help from a designer but was unsure about how to find the perfect match. “It takes a lot of time to find and vet contractors and that time can be better spent on more meaningful tasks. It is especially painful if the results of the work are not good and then I have to go through the process again,” Dario explained.

So he looked into using Xchange to save time and connect with a designer to help create a smooth user experience for DevTerminal’s website. “I approached the entire process with a very open mind and was positively surprised with quickly finding a great match,” Dario said.

“I've got a keen eye for aesthetics and a solid grasp of user behavior, which helps me blend design and functionality seamlessly,” reads the profile of Petru Alexandru Dranga, an experienced UX/UI designer who ended up working with DevTerminal.

“I love collaborating with diverse teams, and I'm all about the little details that make a big difference,” Petru added. “I had a meeting with Dario, agreed on the terms, signed the contract through Xolo and that was it. The entire experience was pretty simple!” Petru said. The end result was very much pleasing to the eye - you can check it out on DevTerminal's website.

Both Dario and Petru are keen to use Xchange for their future collaborations. Sign up today to join them on Xchange and new opportunities will start coming your way.

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