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Written by Xolo
on December 14, 2023 3 minute read

In the era of remote work, successful businesses are looking for freelancers to add new skills and flexibility to their team. In fact, the number of contractors working for Google exceeded the number of full-time employees already in 2021. Is your business keeping up?

Xolo is happy to introduce an ecosystem for connecting freelancers and businesses that goes beyond just being the top website for freelancers (and we’ll be sure to show you why). 

"Eight years ago Xolo set out on an important mission to make solopreneurship better than employment. We solved the complexities of business admin first, and are now continuing to the next leg of the journey - making the work between professionals and businesses as easy as it should be," says Mikko Teerenhovi, CEO of Xolo. 

“Xolo has built an extraordinary network of global professionals through its innovative platform for international business. The experience of this talent is unmatched by any other player in the ecosystem, so you can hardly go wrong by choosing a freelancer from Xolo to work with,” Teerenhovi added. 

Bridging the hiring gap between freelancers and businesses

In today’s ever-faster world of startups and business, securing top-tier freelancers is an all-too-common struggle for any size company. Finding exciting projects, on the other hand, often eludes even the most talented solopreneurs as expanding one’s professional network is time-consuming. 

Xolo aims to bridge that widening gap. Your journey from desire to hire is a few clicks away (if you want to get going now, sign up now to access a fleet of services to find, hire and manage freelancers). 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your account
  2. Gain instant access to a database of freelancers, start chats with them or just bookmark for the future 
  3. Publish any project (a brief, a job ad - whatever you like to call it) you need help on so that talent could start lining up
  4. Track applicants via the platform and receive updates on your email 
  5. When you’ve found the one (or many), agree on the scope right there on the platform
  6. Last but not least, sign your agreement (we’ll take care of the content) and pay your contractor in your chosen currency

You’re free to continue the collaboration right there on the Xolo platform.

No matter how often you’re looking to take on new freelance talent, finding the best hire possible and managing them with ease is always at your fingertips, and our team is there to support you every step of the way.

Publish freelance project for free

What's making Xolo the best way to hire freelance talent? 

With Xolo, you can provide your projects and briefs in a clear, simple and transparent way to the strongest growing network of talent around. 

Our freelancers love what they do, and they do it pretty damn well. 

  • 75% of our talents have been self-employed for over 6 years, mastering the art of self-motivation and independent work. 
  • 45% of those very same talents are usually dedicated to a client for more than 3 months, making the collaboration a partnership, not just a gig. 
  • Xolo freelancers also earn well, with a third of them showcasing an income of more than €5000, which illustrates the high demand for their services. 

How to close a deal with the most talented freelancers?

A recent survey across our network showed what freelancers see as the most important bits to consider before joining a new client. We’ve made sure to facilitate those on the platform so you’d have an advantage when publishing your project.

  • Clarity on the work, a solid project scope - we’ll set you up for success, asking all the right questions when you add your listing
  • Solid and consistent communication with clients - Xolo’s live chat (and email reminders if you miss some) will make communication a breeze 
  • A personal interest in the project or business - the more challenging the project, the more empowered your contractor will feel  

hire and manage top freelancers

How to get started?

Here’s a brief guide to get your first project going

  1. Create your free account and access the Hiring tab directly from your dashboard
  2. Create a Project with your brief, scope, rate and any other requirements you may have (details = results)
  3. Use our AI-supported search tool to create a targeted search for freelance talent in Xolo. For example: experienced tech copywriter with SEO skills 
  4. If you like, you can also share your project link outside of Xolo, so you can avoid the hassle of typing in the same exact thing to publish on your website 
  5. Need any help? Use the live chat so that our dedicated team could assist you with anything from technical questions to finding the right candidate for your project

The all-new Xolo freelance platform

Xolo is your 360-degree freelancer management platform. Handle connections you make through Xolo and, if you wish, easily migrate all your other freelancers for one fast, bulk payment when you’re ready to knock out those invoices.

The end of cold and one-off freelancer-client relationships begins today as we connect solo-businesses with the businesses that keep them running, empowering the future of work through independence. 

Ready to dive in? Get started with Xolo today by registering your free Xolo Teams account. You’re only a few clicks away from success.

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