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International Invoicing for Freelancers in Spain: A Full Gui...

Being a freelancer in Spain opens a plethora of opportunities for inde...

19 jun 2024

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All you need to know to invoice as a freelancer in Spain

How to invoice as a freelancer in Spain This blogpost provides compreh...

James McKenna
17 jun 2024

A Simple Guide to Register as an Autónomo in Spain

How to register as an autónomo in Spain This blogpost provides a step-...

James McKenna
17 jun 2024

How Andrey became a beacon for expats moving to Spain

A few years ago, Andrey embarked on a journey that would not only chan...

14 jun 2024

Beckham Law - all you need to know in 2024

When David Beckham started kicking around in Spain, he was met with a ...

30 ene 2024

How much does it cost to become a freelancer in Spain in 202...

Being your own boss, doing what you’re passionate about, and setting y...

James McKenna
17 may 2023

Understanding the 6 types of self-employed workers in Spain

Hola to all you expat freelancers in Spain! If you’re reading this, we...

James McKenna
02 may 2023
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How to Get Freelance Help in Spain — a Guide for New Solos

As much as we love the freedom of it, nobody said being a solo was eas...

James McKenna
09 ene 2023

The Ultimate Guide for Freelancing in Spain

Freelancing in Spain is a dream lifestyle for ambitious people who hav...

James McKenna
04 ene 2023

Working for a Foreign Company While Living in Spain: A Guide

How to work for foreign companies while residing in Spain This blogpos...

James McKenna
16 dic 2022

Budgeting and costs of being a freelancer in Spain

We’ve all dreamed of it. No clock-in time, no manager breathing down y...

James McKenna
08 dic 2022

How to work as a freelancer in Barcelona: An essential guide

As one of the top destinations in Europe, it’s little wonder that more...

James McKenna
02 nov 2022

Everything you need to know to work as a freelancer in Madri...

Madrid is well known as one of the best cities for vacations in Europe...

James McKenna
02 nov 2022