How Andrey became a beacon for expats moving to Spain

Written by Xolo
on junio 14, 2024 2 min of reading

A few years ago, Andrey embarked on a journey that would not only change his professional trajectory but also help countless others navigate the complexities of relocating and working as an autónomo in Spain. Andrey decided to relocate from his home country, identifying Barcelona as a new hometown.

The move coincided with Spain’s introduction of the digital nomad visa, a program that has become a lifeline for developers, product managers, designers and many other skilled professionals seeking to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle while continuing their careers remotely.

A software engineer fueled by coffee

Andrey describes himself as a results-driven engineering leader with more than a decade of experience in software development and team management. In his career, he has proven to be successful in leading diverse teams, optimizing system performance and innovating in customer identity platforms.

His workdays are fuelled by two things: coffee and sunlight. No wonder Spain was his preferred destination as, on average, Barcelona gets 300 days of sunlight per year. 

You can see more details from Andrey Posnov’s Xchange profile - a networking and marketplace platform powered by Xolo. 

Discovering Xolo and getting questions answered

Andrey’s journey with Xolo began almost by accident. “I don’t remember exactly how I came across Xolo; I just knew it was what I needed as soon as I saw it,” he recalls. 

As he navigated his new life in Spain, he sought services that could demystify the tax system and streamline administrative tasks. That’s when Xolo entered the picture. “With Xolo, questions are answered, and everything is understandable even in Spain, where a lot of things are confusing,” Andrey shared.

He was also a fan of Xolo’s customer support from the get-go as it wasn’t an easy task to find a local gestor who would be proficient in English. As a lot of expats are still in the process of learning Spanish, this proved to be one of the top arguments for choosing Xolo. 

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Recognizing the value of his experience, Andrey started sharing his insights on obtaining the digital nomad visa, managing taxes, and the benefits of using Xolo through his Telegram platform

“I’m passionate about knowledge sharing to help other people like me. I do it through different publications, lectures, and an IT-focused blog,” he said. It was only natural to also share his experience working with Xolo, he added.  

“A lot of people started following me and asking questions,” he says. His firsthand account resonated with many, quickly amassing a following of over 5,000 people. “I just talked about how Xolo was useful for me, and my blog grew from there,” Andrey says.

The value of not having to speak to anyone 

“The discussion around the Spanish digital nomad visa was already happening on Telegram, but nobody really understood it,” Andrey remembers about his beginnings. His decision to host an online webinar describing his journey attracted his first 100 followers. And from there on, the followership has been growing rapidly.

 Andrey’s followers often make comparisons between Xolo and traditional gestors or competing online services. “Sometimes they ask why I chose Xolo, and I say it’s because I prefer online systems where I don’t have to speak with someone,” he laughs, highlighting the value he places on convenience and efficiency.

Through his journey, Andrey has not only mastered the art of living and working in Spain but also become an essential resource for others looking to do the same. His commitment to sharing knowledge and experiences via his blog and social platforms continues to empower a growing community of expats. By simplifying complex processes and providing clear guidance, Andrey has turned his personal adventure into a beacon of support, proving that with the right tools and community, anyone can successfully transition to a new life abroad.

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