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Beckham Law - all you need to know in 2024

When David Beckham started kicking around in Spain, he was met with a ...

30 ene 2024

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7 essential tax optimization tips for expat freelancers in S...

For expats, freelance life in Spain is mostly an absolute pleasure. Ex...

James McKenna
30 ago 2023

What deductible expenses can I claim as a freelancer working...

🤓 This article was made possible through the collaboration of Xolo’s ...

James McKenna
26 jul 2023

How to manage income and expenses as a freelancer in Spain

Expat freelancers in Spain can have quite a tough time managing income...

James McKenna
18 jul 2023

How to use ChatGPT as a freelancer in Spain — Join the revol...

Freelancers are an innovative bunch. With inconsistent workloads and n...

James McKenna
19 jun 2023

How to find clients as a freelancer in Spain like a pro

Living the dream as a freelancer in sunny Spain — sounds enticing, doe...

James McKenna
30 may 2023

Why you should choose Spain as a freelance destination

We all know why tourists flock to Spain every year — and that’s partly...

James McKenna
22 may 2023
 The blog formodernfreelancers  The blog formodernfreelancers The blog formodernfreelancers
James McKenna
12 may 2023

Understanding the 6 types of self-employed workers in Spain

Hola to all you expat freelancers in Spain! If you’re reading this, we...

James McKenna
02 may 2023

Benefits and Incentives for Freelancers in Spain: A Comprehe...

In amongst the maze of paperwork and admin that we self-employed worke...

James McKenna
28 abr 2023

Working in a company and freelancing at the same time: Pluri...

I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but we’re living in strange times. A...

James McKenna
24 abr 2023

Launching a limited company versus freelancing in Spain: Wha...

Spring is certainly upon us here in Spain and if you body is aching fo...

James McKenna
24 abr 2023

The full guide to banking for expat freelancers in Spain

Banking, for expat freelancers in Spain, fits perfectly into that anno...

James McKenna
18 abr 2023

Spain's Digital Nomad Visa Approved and Available in 2023

The long-awaited Spanish Digital Nomad Visa is finally here – and not ...

James McKenna
06 abr 2023

Freelance Project Management Guide for Solos in Spain

Seeing as you’re here reading our Freelance Project Management Guide f...

James McKenna
06 abr 2023

14 of the highest-paying freelance jobs in Spain for 2023

Spain is experiencing a boom in the freelance market, as more and more...

James McKenna
14 feb 2023

News for freelancers in 2023

Hello fellow solos! As the landscape for freelancers in Spain continue...

James McKenna
30 ene 2023

The Ultimate Guide for Freelancing in Spain

Freelancing in Spain is a dream lifestyle for ambitious people who hav...

James McKenna
04 ene 2023

The cheat sheet of insurance for expat freelancers in Spain

How to find the right insurance as expat freelancer in Spain This blog...

James McKenna
31 dic 2022

Working for a Foreign Company While Living in Spain: A Guide

How to work for foreign companies while residing in Spain This blogpos...

James McKenna
16 dic 2022
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