Xolo & Stripe — The new team helping your Estonian e-Residency business


We are happy to announce that Xolo Leap customers can now use Stripe to receive payments from their customers.

You might have heard that Stripe is opening in a number of new countries, including Estonia — and now it’s official. This means that Xolo Leap businesses (opened with Estonian e-Residency) can now open a Stripe account in literally minutes and then connect it to their Xolo account.

In their own words — “As a company looking to grow the GDP of the internet, we’re ardent fans of innovative initiatives like Estonia’s e-residency programs. With today’s launch, we want to help thousands more entrepreneurs and companies in Europe grow and scale their online businesses.”

Stripe provides a complete payments platform engineered for growth, and given that they’re already used by giants like Kickstarter and Amazon, you know they’re good at what they do.

To open a Stripe account for your Xolo Leap business, you’ll need to be based in a country where Stripe is available. As long as you are, you can head to Stripe and follow their instructions. Once your Stripe account is up and running, you can connect it to your Xolo account by following the instructions below:

You’ll first need to add us as a team member in Stripe -

- Log in to Stripe and go to ‘Settings’ from your main dashboard
- Under ‘Team and Security’ click ‘Team members’
- Click ‘+ New User’
- Enter our email address, stripe4@xolo.io
, select ‘View Only’ as the access level and send the invite

Once you’ve added us as a team member, our support team will add your Stripe account to your Xolo Leap self-service within 2 business days and you’ll then be able to grant us API access.

To grant us API access -

- Log in to your Xolo Leap self-service
- Click ‘Banking’
- Scroll down to find your Stripe account and click ‘Grant access to Xolo’
- You’ll then be redirected to Stripe’s dashboard to sign in
- Choose the account you want to connect and click ‘Connect my Stripe account’
- Finally, you’ll be redirected back to Xolo and the integration is complete

Besides Stripe, Xolo continues to support integration with Paypal and Paddle, as well as with Wise and LHV Bank.

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