Xolo Italy launches to save Italian solos from business bureaucracy

Written by Xolo
on February 25, 2022 2 minute read

The digital platform dedicated to solopreneurs has arrived in Italy. Thanks to artificial intelligence and an Italian team of accounting and tax experts, all tax obligations and paperwork can now be handled online!

Milan, 25th of February 2022 - Following its success in Spain, Xolo, the digital platform created to simplify the lives of self-employed entrepreneurs, has now arrived in Italy, with the aim of easing the administrative and bureaucratic burden on self-employed professionals and sole traders.

With a team of experts in accounting and tax skills based in Italy, Xolo combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and open banking in a simple and intuitive portal that allows any freelancer to delegate administrative management to a transparent and reliable service so as to carry out their business with more flexibility and greater value. For those who don't already have one, Xolo allows them to open a partita IVA (that's what you need to do to become a freelancer in Italy), either as a professional or as a sole proprietorship, completely free of charge.

Xolo is accredited by the Italian Inland Revenue Service and the Chamber of Commerce in Italy. Its services include: personalized invoicing and expense management, tax return compilation and payment of taxes, and VAT. You can also find online support on demand via email, chat or video call. 

"Xolo was born in 2015 from an idea of four friends and colleagues who wanted to make freelance business more streamlined and efficient. They dreamed of eliminating the bogeyman of bureaucracy and other fears associated with the world of freelancing," says Carlos Sanchez, Xolo Country Manager for Italy and Spain. "To do this, we have created a totally digital platform to allow anyone working independently to be able to dedicate themselves entirely to their business project without wasting time and effort on the administrative and bureaucratic management associated with their business." 

Xolo allows freelancers to concentrate on their business without worrying about how to calculate taxes under the flat-rate scheme, how and when to pay VAT, when to register with the freelancers' social security fund, etc. All this for an attractive rate of €24/month, payable monthly and cancellable at any time.

When you want to grow a business, there are an infinite number of things to do, including ensuring that invoices are paid on time, meeting VAT deadlines, and keeping up to date with the latest regulations (e.g. GDPR) so as not to incur potential penalties. The solutions offered by Xolo allow you to issue an electronic invoice wherever you are, in any time zone, and you can easily keep track of it in a single, easy-to-use dashboard, which is monitored from creation to payment. In the private area of the site, each user can find all documents relating to their partita IVA, any F24 forms paid and their income tax return. 

"Once these mental and financial energies have been freed up, there will be more room for acquiring new consultancies, for the necessary ongoing training and professional networking and, why not, for enjoying the positive aspects of autonomy and a healthier work-life balance," concludes Sanchez.

Today, Xolo has a team of more than 100 people working in Estonia, Spain and Italy, trained to offer the best possible experience in tax and accounting, even to non-digital natives.

About Xolo

Xolo is the digital platform dedicated to freelancers and solo entrepreneurs to lighten the load of administrative paperwork and tax declarations. Its solutions enable automated management of invoicing, expenses and tax payments, support from a qualified team in administrative advice available online on demand. Xolo was born in Estonia in 2015, since 2021 it has also been active in Spain. Since 2022 it has opened an office in Milan with a dedicated team in Italy. 

For more information, visit www.xolo.io/it-it