Why is e-Residency the Perfect Christmas Present?

Patrick Johnson
Written by Patrick Johnson
on December 12, 2019

This December could not be a better time to become an Estonian e-resident. And for e-residents, it could be your last chance to get a very exclusive bank account. Here’s why:

  • From 6 January 2020, the fee to become an e-resident will rise to €120
  • And from 1 January, Holvi will no longer offer their dedicated e-resident bank account

Save a little cash - make a big splash

Becoming an Estonian e-resident will open a gigantic door for you - allowing you to start and run your own EU-based company in Estonia. Without ever needing to even set foot there. Crazy right?

And from now until the end of the year, the fee to become an e-resident is still just €100. However, from the new year this will rise to €120, so if you’ve been considering signing up - your time is now!

Here are all the costs involved with becoming an e-resident and starting a business in Estonia with the help of Xolo:

State fee for e-Residency €100 (€120 from 6 Jan 2020)
State fee for company registration in Estonia €190
State service fee for company online registration in the Estonian Business Registry €25
Xolo Leap first monthly fee (€49+VAT) €58.80
Total cost €373.80

Check out the e-Residency website for more information about the revolutionary program, and look at our dedicated articles and blogs covering it to learn more. And once you’re an e-resident, why not come back and consider Xolo Leap. It’s the best way to run your Estonian business.

Don’t miss out on a very special bank account

Finnish fintech Holvi have been providing business bank accounts for Estonian e-residents since 2017, and this will come to an end from the beginning of 2020. Current account-holders won’t be affected, but it’ll mean any e-resident without a Holvi account will no longer be able to get one if they sign up after 31 December 2019.

And enjoy the holidays

We’re still hard at work at Xolo, making it as easy as possible for freelancers to do business around the world - and our new year’s resolution is to make it even easier next year. We wish you luck in achieving everything you want, but make sure you enjoy the holidays and remember to have a rest!

(Not before you get your e-Residency though!)