We're looking to hire some freelance writers — know any?

Kayla Brown
Written by Kayla Brown
on August 24, 2021

Hi there!

I'm Kayla and I'm in charge of all things copy & content-related here at Xolo.  I'm looking for talented, thoughtful freelance writers who can help me produce content with something to say — that our readers will want to read.  

(Possible) editorial subjects could include: 

  • X dead giveaways that tell prospective clients that you're an amateur 
  • How to manage your finances as a freelancer
  • Best online tools for freelancers
  • How to do the digital nomad thing and actually get work done
  • So you've got a client that refuses to pay. What now? 

… those are just off the top of my head. And always open to pitches from you! 

Who I'm looking for:

  • Freelancer writers from a variety of backgrounds. 
  • Who speak excellent English. (Doesn't have to be perfect, but must be able to communicate effectively.)
  • So good at following the directions in a brief that you could do it in your sleep.
  • Not afraid to dive into a subject. It pains me when I read pieces where "research" was clearly a 30 second google search.
  • Good communicators who can consistently meet deadlines.
  • Careful proofreaders and decisive, downright brutal editors! 
  • Obviously any form of plagiarism cannot and will not be tolerated.  

Extra credit if you: 

  • Have experience as a freelancer, solopreneur, expat, digital nomad, or some combination of any of the above. 
  • Can share personal experiences while still making the piece useful for others/not entirely about you.  
  • Can artfully sprinkle in SEO keywords while still maintaining the creative integrity of the piece. 
  • Have a sense of humor and write in an easy-breezy, more-casual-less-corporate tone of voice.
  • For an extra boost of authenticity, we would love it if you used Xolo for invoicing!

What I'm offering: 

  • Money! Please send your rates along with writing samples.
  • Exposure to more clients: your work will be published under your author profile on our blog. 
  • Retain your freedom while interfacing with a prettttttttty cool team (probably mostly me in the beginning, but still).

If this sounds like it might be your cup of tea, drop me a line at kayla.brown@xolo.io. Please introduce yourself, and send me 1-2 original pieces that you're most proud of — or that you feel best represent your unique writing magic. It doesn't have to have anything to do with freelancing (I'm after style, not subject matter).   

Oh — and of course, please also send me your rates.  

Can't wait to hear from you!


Copywriter @ Xolo

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