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Proven ways to onboard freelancers and independent contracto...

As the talent market remains white-hot, you need to be decisive when i...

Elena Prokopets
13 May 2022

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How to manage a freelance team to achieve great synergy

The pandemic rebuilt standard operating structures. Office cubicles tu...

Elena Prokopets
21 Apr 2022

6 things to remember when managing Millennial freelancers

The “avocado toast overspenders,” “narcissists,” “immature dreamers,” ...

Elena Prokopets
08 Apr 2022

10 tips to effectively work with freelancers

As more and more employees leave their jobs to freelance, companies mu...

Seth Richtsmeier
18 Feb 2022

How to manage a remote team: tips & tools top teams use

If you are reading this, you’ve been considering hiring remote workers...

Elena Prokopets
09 Feb 2022

Independent Contractor vs. Employee: Pros & Cons (and wh...

Being a business of one can get you going. But becoming a company of m...

Elena Prokopets
27 Jan 2022

How to hire EU freelancers: a gentle guide

Do you know what AppSumo, Skype, and Google have in common? Each relie...

Elena Prokopets
25 Jan 2022
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Xolo launches global platform for managing teams of freelanc...

Tallinn, Estonia, September 29 - Xolo, the company serving nearly 100,...

29 Sep 2021

How Xolo makes freelancer payments simple for companies

Trash Gang is a new-age cyber community connecting artists from all ov...

28 Sep 2021