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5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Should Incorpora...

LeapIN provides the simplest way to start and run your global micro bu...

08 Feb 2018

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How Using an Estonian Company Can Support Your Digital Nomad...

We spoke to Jake, a UK national who quit the rat race to travel and li...

26 Jan 2018

9 Challenges of Being a Digital Nomad

Working remotely from anywhere is the dream for many people, but it’s ...

09 Jan 2018

4 Awesome Shared Workspaces in Estonia for the Digital Nomad

Micah Trostle from shared his list of the top 4 coworkin...

Micah Trostle
29 Dec 2017

A recap of DNX Digital Nomad Conference 2017

Being a location independent worker is soon going to be the new normal...

20 Nov 2017

Digital Nomads: Everything You Should Know

Have you ever wanted to embark on a journey with a one-way ticket and ...

10 Nov 2017

12 hacks that every digital nomad needs to know

Digital nomads make life look easy. They’re able to travel the world, ...

16 Oct 2017

Xolo Leap

See how easy it is to manage your business via the Xolo dashboard from anywhere in the world

Why LeapIN Is the Ideal Solution for a Digital Nomad

We asked Dylan, a British national who wanted to become a digital noma...

11 Sep 2017

How location independent freelancers and entrepreneurs can b...

If you’re an active member of any digital nomad community on Facebook,...

29 Aug 2017

How to Set Up a Profitable Location Independent Business — A...

Location independent jobs are on the rise. With high-speed cellular co...

09 Aug 2017

DNX Digital Nomad Conference 2017: why you should be there

They say that we cannot invent things out of nothing and we can only r...

Andrea Bronzini
28 Jul 2017

Why Ukrainian Freelancers Should Incorporate Their Businesse...

Ukrainian freelancers and entrepreneurs are increasingly utilising Est...

15 Jul 2017

LeapIN’s Guide to Tallinn

Getting set for your first time in Tallinn

15 Jul 2017

10 Must-have Apps for Digital Nomads

Life of a digital nomad isn’t all plane-hopping, parties, and fun time...

23 May 2017

Thinking About Becoming an e-Resident?

We asked John, a seasoned Digital Nomad based in the US, to write abou...

18 May 2017

I would find the crack of light or die trying

This month Zack Young spoke with Spanish freelance developer Luisfer a...

18 May 2017

How to travel the world and make a living

I’m often asked by the many people I meet along the way, how they too ...

Zack Young
12 Apr 2017

Best locations to start as a Digital Nomad

I became a digital nomad in October 2015 and before departing London I...

Zack Young
27 Mar 2017

Say hello to the Future of Work

Look around you and you’ll notice everything is in a constant state of...

10 Mar 2017

Self-employment just became more difficult in the UK

Here’s how to go location-independent instead. The British government ...

10 Mar 2017
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