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Open an Estonian Company Without EVER Going to Estonia

In the early days of the Estonian e-Residency program, many wondered w...

04 Oct 2017

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The Cost of Running a Company in Estonia

Before embarking on a new business venture, any wannabe entrepreneur s...

15 Aug 2017

How to Set Up a Profitable Location Independent Business — A...

Location independent jobs are on the rise. With high-speed cellular co...

08 Aug 2017

The Ultimate Guide to e-Residency and Borderless Business Ba...

E-Residency is shaking up the way companies conduct their global busin...

02 Jun 2017

How To Brexit-proof Your UK Business If You Have EU Customer...

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has created a profound level of unce...

08 May 2017

Self-employment just became more difficult in the UK

Here’s how to go location-independent instead. The British government ...

09 Mar 2017

How to Turn Your Freelancing Into a Business

The number of global freelancers is quickly approaching 100 million pe...

Rob Erich
30 Nov 2016
 The blog for modernfreelancers The blog for modernfreelancers The blog for modernfreelancers
26 Oct 2016

Beat Brexit: 4 Ways It’s Easier to Run an Estonian Business ...

An increasing number of Brits are starting Estonian businesses since t...

19 Sep 2016
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