Storytelling for solopreneurs with Lidia Rumley

Maya Middlemiss
Written by Maya Middlemiss
on December 16, 2022 1 minute read

Gather round the campfire everybody, come closer. Because Lidia Rumley wants to tell you a story...

... to help you tell YOUR unique story, in fact. Whoever you are and whatever you do, there's something about you that's different from everybody else out there and Lidia "The Brand Storyteller" can help you chisel out your personal brand story and leverage it to help you find the right clients and make more money!

As freelancers, we're sometimes too close to our own work to find that golden thread, and that's where a branding consultant can be helpful at any stage. But this conversation with Lidia will leave you with plenty to mull over on your own, as you seek to draw out what makes YOUR brand unique and memorable. When you find the right narrative, you can unlock the true power of story as a universal human need - which transports us to a new world of the imagination.

From two little girls who secretly devoured storybooks when they were supposed to be doing something else, enjoy this conversation between two women who have made storytelling for business part of their chosen life's work.



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