How Massive Narrative reduced the barriers to a fully-remote workforce with Xolo Teams

Written by Xolo
on August 15, 2022 1 minute read

Massive Narrative is a telemarketing company based in Portugal that specializes in finding leads for their Finnish clients in the publishing, memberships, health products and internet solutions industries. 

Founded in 2019, the company relies heavily on a fleet of remote workers. Massive Narrative employees are allowed — even encouraged — to work from any corner of the globe, be it an Airbnb in Bali or a coworking space in Mallorca. 

All that's required to do the job is a computer, a headset and a stable internet connection. 




In theory, a workforce of happy, remote workers sounds like an employer/employee win/win in our post-pandemic world. But in execution, the management team at Massive Narrative soon found that the EU's bureaucratic status quo was anything but remote work friendly. 

Julius Rantanen, CEO of Massive Narrative, was kind enough to explain the problem in more detail: 

"Legislation in the European Union can be complicated and outdated when it comes to hiring freelancers as a company. Usually the freelancer would have to create a business entity in order to invoice for his/her work. This would be very discouraging for a beginner freelancer because of all the hassle and paperwork that it requires."


Solution: Xolo Teams

All these legislative barriers were broken down once Massive Narrative started working with Xolo Teams. With Teams, Xolo acts as the buffer between the employer and contractors working in up to 186 countries. Onboarding takes less than 10 minutes for both parties, and once the Teams Service Agreement is signed, employers can manage and pay their remote workforce through an easy-to-navigate platform. 

"Xolo eased off this pain beautifully by simplifying the process for the freelancers that are working for us." explains Julius. "The platform is very easy to navigate and it works exactly as promised. Registration process is quick and support is there whenever I need them."

"Being in compliance with the local legislation is very important for us as a company. Just as important as being able to recruit wonderful freelance talent. Xolo brings these two worlds together in a simplified and effective manner. Beautiful."

-Julius Rantanen, CEO of Massive Narrative

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