Positivity in Adversity - Messages from our customers

Patrick Johnson
Written by Patrick Johnson
on March 31, 2020

Two weeks ago, our CEO Allan Martinson sent an email to everyone who has signed up for Xolo. We also published it on our blog. He wanted to know how Xolopreneurs around the world are managing during these difficult times.

He received hundreds of replies. As these are tough times for everyone, we braced for doom and gloom.

Indeed, we got responses from some clients who were personally affected by the crisis, had lost their revenues or were living in the epicentres of the pandemic. Our hearts and minds are with you, and we are trying to help with what we can.
About one quarter of the respondents reported significant impact on their business. Another quarter said there has been no impact or even a positive impact. The majority was somewhere in between.
What was the most amazing was the overall positive spirit of the responses. About two-thirds of the Xolopreneurs who responded sent us very optimistic emails, including many of those who were in a very dire situation. People were full of fighting spirit and tended to see opportinities rather than problems.
Below, we have put together some quotes from those emails. Reading them was a heart-warming exercise. People like you make us believe that we will emerge from this crisis stronger. Thank you so much!

How is the crisis affecting your business?

  • "We just got a large contract & we're looking at some smaller projects in the near future. So for us its more positive than negative."
  • "It's not, since I'm building and maintaining software for governments via my client, I'm in a fortunate position that I have work and can continue to work."
  • "The crisis has affected my business in a positive manner. Working location-independent has never been more valuable than during this crisis. I don't see any drop in revenues, rather I see increase due to the increasing demand for my services."
  • "For me this period is very successful, because I started a major project with a customer just before the crisis and this will continue. So business-wise, there's no downside. I hope the crisis will start a mind shift in the heads of my customers and make them recognise that people can actually work from home instead of having to travel to the customers premises (still standard in my industry)."
  • "It was nice to read your CEO's email - sure you're reading many stories about digital nomads. Here I am fine in Peru, I can work normally for my customer in NYC. I am so lucky and you're part of my fortunate setup N26 + TransferWise + Xolo. I couldn’t imagine how bad it would be now if I had to deal with my old Spanish account setup."

What are the main pain-points for you?

  • "Covid-19 is a great chance to change work conditions and ethics as we know it, it introduced remote to many people in the workforce who would've never considered it. Also it's a chance to reconsider the effect of work hours on overall productivity."
  • "a) Financial insecurity because of payments being postponed or projects being cancelled. b) My work schedule is going crazy “Is the job cancelled? Yes? No? Partially? Maybe postpone until next week and discuss again?" My two children staying home (closed schools) and babysitters unavailable due to lockdown is certainly not helping."
  • "Missing income, and almost at the same level the lost freedom of traveling. I'm living in Malaysia, while most of my clients are in Europe, mainly in Germany. Right now I'm in Germany and I'm not able to see my partner, share time with her and stay together in those times, which is probably a bigger pain."
  • "My main pain points was not having the 'manpower' to set up everything I wanted to set up while still living life. I felt burnt out a few times at the overwhelming task ahead of me, and desperately wanted to help people coming to me for answers or guidance. Once I was more collected though, I came up with a contingency plan and in less than 24 hours I'd done multiple live-streams on social media, created a series of videos until April to help my clients, and I've scheduled weekly virtual Happy Hours for creative entrepreneurs to brainstorm about creative life, and how to pivot in business."

Allan's final question asked for tips that might be useful for other Xolopreneuers, but we'll be saving them for another blog post.

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