How Upjourney simplified global freelancer payments with Xolo Teams

Written by Xolo
on April 14, 2023 1 minute read

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The Challenge: Administrative Overwhelm

As Upjorney is scaling up its services, it had come to a point where streamlining freelancer management — more specifically, onboarding, managing and paying their freelancers —was in dire need of a more efficient process. To continue meeting their ambitious growth goals, managers needed to focus on things other than chasing down invoices, tracking payments, and worrying over compliance issues. The team at Upjouney knew that in 2023, they shouldn't have to do this much busywork! So they set out to find a solution to streamline their contractor management process. 

The Solution: Xolo Teams

In the interest of time, we'll skip to the good part. Upjourney discovered the Xolo Teams Freelancer Management system, which empowered their team to automate most of the busy work and administrative headaches that come with an external workforce — while still retaining full control of every step of the process. 

Here's what the team at Upjourney loves about Xolo Teams: 

  • Simple, lightning-fast onboarding, with advanced contractor KYC checks built into the onboarding process 
  • Teams serves as a regulatory buffer between Upjourney and its contractors, which shrinks compliance risk down to 1:1
  • While individual payments are made a whole lot easier, the bulk invoice feature allows Upjourney to pay everyone at once. No more chasing down 10+ invoices at a time!
  • The fairest conversion rates on the market, which is a game-changer for freelancers working outside the EU. 

“Xolo Teams is a fantastic tool that has greatly simplified the management and payment process for our contractors. Onboarding was quick and easy, and the user interface was user-friendly and intuitive. Another great benefit is the streamlined payment system. Xolo Teams has made my life so much easier.”

Adrian Nutiu, Upjourney 


Want to see how Xolo Teams can make onboarding, managing, and paying teams of contractors the easiest part of your day? Book a demo with one of our experts!

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