Get paid directly to your Payoneer account with Xolo Go!

Written by Xolo
on June 24, 2024 2 minute read

Xolo is committed to simplifying your freelance journey, and we understand that accessibility and convenience are key. Many of you have faced challenges accessing SEPA accounts, especially when working outside the Eurozone. 

We've listened to your feedback and have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a solution that works no matter where you are in the world.

Welcome our latest feature: the ability to link your Payoneer account to your Xolo Go account 🍾

Previously, only SEPA accounts were supported, but this new update lets you add your Payoneer account during onboarding or switch your existing banking details to Payoneer at any time. Enjoy seamless, hassle-free payouts to your Payoneer account, making your invoicing process even smoother.

Why Payoneer?

Many of you have faced challenges accessing SEPA accounts, especially if you're working from outside the Eurozone. With Payoneer, those hurdles are a thing of the past. Payoneer is a trusted platform used by millions worldwide, offering global reach and ease of use.

What’s changing?

You can now add your Payoneer account during the onboarding process or switch your existing banking details to Payoneer. The flow remains the same as it was for SEPA accounts, ensuring a smooth transition with no extra fees for payouts to Payoneer.

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How does it work?

  1. Simple setup: Adding your Payoneer account is as easy as 1-2-3. Whether you’re setting up your account for the first time or updating your existing banking details, it only takes a few clicks.
  2. Seamless payouts: After you receive money from your client, we’ll pay out the funds to your Payoneer account. No extra fees, no fuss.
  3. Global accessibility: Payoneer allows you to receive payments from clients all over the world, making it the perfect solution for freelancers and digital nomads without access to SEPA accounts.

Benefits of using Payoneer with Xolo Go

We chose Payoneer for its large community benefit and ease-of-use. 

1. No SEPA required

Gone are the days of worrying about access to a SEPA account. Payoneer gets you paid easily, no matter where you are.

2. Easy to use

The setup process is straightforward. Add your Payoneer account details during onboarding or switch your existing banking information in your account settings.

3. Hassle-free payouts

Enjoy seamless payouts to your Payoneer account with no additional fees. It’s the same reliable service you expect from Xolo Go, now with more flexibility.

4. Global reach

Payoneer is trusted by millions of users globally. It’s a secure and efficient way to receive payments, whether you’re in Europe, Asia or almost anywhere.

Start using Payoneer with Xolo Go today

Ready to make the switch? Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Login to Xolo and complete your account settings
  2. At the Banking step select the suitable one from SEPA, Payoneer or Husky
  3. If Payoneer is selected, fill Account owner and Payoneer account email fields (If you do not have a Payoneer account, click Open Payoneer and follow the instructions)
  4. You’re all set, click Next!

We’re always looking for ways to enhance your freelancing experience and make your administrative tasks as painless (or non-existent) as possible. This update is a step towards making global freelancing smoother and more accessible for everyone.

If you have any questions or need assistance with setting up your Payoneer account, our support team is here to help. Feel free to reach out anytime!

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  • Automated VAT calculations
  • Integrated banking and analytic features

Always have a comprehensive overview of your financial health with Xolo Go. 

Explore Xolo Go today and transform your freelancing journey into an efficient, growing and professional experience. Sign up now and discover the difference.

P.S. Already using Payoneer? Simply switch your banking details in your account settings and enjoy the new payout flexibility immediately!

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