Exploring remote work and digital nomad visas with Lily Szabo

Maya Middlemiss
Written by Maya Middlemiss
on October 07, 2022 ā€¢ 1 minute read

Lily Szabo is a startup storyteller and community builder, currently focusing on the fast-moving world of global mobility, and ways we can take our work to different countries through new visa programs.

With more countries every month offering special visas to attract remote workers and digital nomad visas, this is a moving target to keep track of. Lily's exploration of the present scene also informs her work with Plumia - the SafetyWing non-profit working to create a country on the internet, for truly location-independent professionals.

Along with the challenges of life with a 7-month-old, Lily and Maya discuss the ways that our new life-work choices include:

šŸŒŽ The unlocking of rural and small-town communities for remote workers
šŸŒŽ Income and geoarbitrage issues around digital nomad workers
šŸŒ The dimensions of travel choice, from tourism to immigration

And will spark new ideas for your own location-independent future at a time when the possibilities have never been more exciting!


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