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on octubre 26, 2023 3 min of reading

The life of a freelancer is a tumultuous and rewarding one — all that space and room to grow, it does something to you! Though each success story will never have its perfect twin, they certainly do serve to inspire us as we continue barreling down the entrepreneurial autobahn at full-speed ahead.

We recently spoke with one of Xolo’s loyal customers, Francisco Romulo Lopez Ballero. Francisco’s journey into freelance began in Spain and has grown wonderfully from his beginnings as a digital marketer and marketing manager.

How Xolo helps freelancers like you ditch bureaucracy for growth

Before we jump into the interview, you may be wondering “Why Xolo?” Today you’ll get a chance to see just one of many success stories from Xolopreneurs all around the globe. Freelancers everywhere are using Xolo to send invoices, build their businesses, find their remote e-Residency companies and manage projects, employees and more. If you’re a fiercely-independent entrepreneur in need of some invoicing tools, automation, clients and (or) a network of equally-talented freelancers, Xolo has something for you. Discover Xolo

But enough of what we have to say! Let’s dive into Francisco’s world…

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? What do you do as a freelancer?

Francisco: I’ve been a digital marketer since 2011. Before that I was focused on international commerce, and for seven years I was working in a well-known private clinic in Madrid as a marketing manager.

My character landed me a few freelance job opportunities, and I then decided to become a freelancer. The idea of being self-employed was attractive as I could manage my own projects. It also allowed me to see different business models, which would be a challenge for me, helping my professional growth.

How did you get to know Xolo and what led you to choose our services?

Francisco: I found Xolo in August 2021 while searching about online consultancies.

When I decided to become a freelancer, I was certain I didn't want to deal with bureaucracy. I wanted to automate as much as possible… and worry about administrative issues as little as possible.

Xolo registered me as a freelancer and made sure that I could invoice in European countries, provided me with a tool to make invoices without errors, and did all the quarterly and closing formalities. 

I could also communicate with my Xolo advisor to solve any doubts.

How has your experience with Xolo been? What specific aspects or features have you found most valuable or unique?

Francisco: My experience with Xolo is very positive.

Both the tool and the staff are well focused on the freelancer and there have been improvements made over time. The platform has undergone modifications to make it more attractive, and there seem to be more modifications on the way that allow for greater user control over the dashboard. The platform is improving little by little, and offering me new functionalities.

Xolo is quite intuitive and easy to use!

Could you share a memorable moment or success story from your freelance career?

Francisco: One of my biggest successes was securing a European client for a long-term collaboration project.

Today I have several clients that I help with their projects, and although it's not strictly speaking a specific moment, in the long run I see it as a time of success and learning. On the other hand, freelancers don't have a fixed income… learning to balance the good times with the bad times has been an experience for me.

How would you describe Xolo's customer service and relationship building efforts?

Francisco: A few months ago, Xolo began creating client communities and connecting freelancers to help us secure new projects, and solve any doubts, general or specific. I really like this idea, but haven’t had the chance to fully test it out just yet. There’s a lot of movement in the Xolo community!

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What a joy it is to have Francisco and 130K+ other solopreneurs as part of our community. Freelancers with an eye for success and opportunity deserve tools that don’t get in the way of their flight path upward. Perhaps you’re just getting started as a freelancer, or even in that “Should I?” phase. You may be a seasoned veteran with a strong need for some admin task taming and accounting services. Join Francisco and Xolo as we all work to make the future truly one for freelancers. Discover Xolo



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