Enabling digital nomads to make a difference in the world with Tarek Kholoussy

Maya Middlemiss
Written by Maya Middlemiss
on October 21, 2022 1 minute read

Digital nomads sometimes get a bad rap, for impacting local communities in a negative way rather than creating positive change. But today's guest is working hard to counter that, with two fantastic projects.

Tarek Kholoussy is a social entrepreneur with an MBA with honors from New York University and a career of working at top organizations like Goldman Sachs. In 2013, he left the corporate world behind in an effort to explore the actual world, and in 2018 launched Nomads Giving Back!
This program inspires volunteers to contribute locally to their homes-away-from-home, enriching their personal experiences and making a difference in areas that need it. Because the need is often related to learning, in the knowledge work community, Tarek and his team launched Nomads Skillshare! in 2020 - a learning platform and community empowering everyone to learn the skills needed for global mobility, and new location-independent ways of living.


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And of course, check out (and get involved) with the voluntary projects at:

Nomads Giving Back | An Impact-driven Digital Nomads Community


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