Developing the Estonian e-Residency programme with Ülane Vilumets

Written by Xolo
on August 30, 2022 1 minute read

At Xolo, our mission is to make solopreneurship a magical experience. Our flagship product, Xolo Leap, helps entrepreneurs around the world run an EU business that's not only completely remote, but also free of paperwork and bureaucracy. This wouldn't be possible without the Estonian e-Residency programme. 

Enter Ülane Vilumets, who leads the business development team of the e-Residency programme. She also happens to be our guest on this particular podcast episode, where she sits down with Maya Middlemiss (an e-resident and Xolo Leap user, herself) to discuss the past, present and future of e-Residency. We’ll hear about the logic behind the programme’s development, why Estonia is a great spot to house companies (and specifically startups!), available resources and communities for e-Residents, and the different kinds of profiles that exist among Estonia’s e-Residents (in short: there’s room for everybody!).

Even if you've never heard of e-Residency (or even Estonia), this is an excellent episode to listen to if you want to find out why you would want to become an e-resident of Estonia (as it turns out, there are several reasons!).




  • 4:00 summary of e-Residency programme, and how it’s an extension of the services that have been accessible for Estonians since they regained their independence in the early '90s
  • 7:50 Overview of e-Residency's Marketplace
  • 12:00 What does a "typical" e-Resident look like? 
  • 16:15 How e-Residency is an especially good tool for startup founders and solopreneurs
  • 20:10 How Estonia holds up in comparison with other countries e-Residency programmes
  • 23:20 Current events and future plans for expansion into new countries
  • 29:20 Next steps, how to get in touch 

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