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We offer freelancing e-Residents everything you need to easily start and run your modern independent business.

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    A trusted partner of the Estonian e-Residency program since its launch in 2015
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    The market leader for starting and running your borderless Estonian company
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    Happy customers in 104 countries around the world

Why choose Xolo?

With thousands of customers already running businesses with us, we know what we’re doing. But you don’t have to just take our word for it, read about Michelle, a Xolo customer since 2015 - “I love how easy my monthly paperwork has become!”

  • Xolo takes care of the hard bits of starting and running your company so you can focus on your customers
  • Our dedicated customer support team is here to help you get started and growing
  • We are the market leader in supporting freelancers and solopreneurs


What you get with Xolo Leap

Your own EU business
Run your EU business from anywhere in the world on desktop or mobile with 10x less admin time.
Sell smoothly and get paid
Invoice customers or sell through marketplaces like Upwork, Apple App store and Google Play, and get paid via Stripe, PayPal or Paddle.
Automated accounting
Taxes and annual reports done for you. We'll notify you if there's anything to pay.
Integrated banking
See and manage your company’s money live with built-in business banking.
Intuitive invoicing​
You can send branded invoices directly from your dashboard, and there's no limit.
Compliance within Estonia and EU
A personal accountant assigned to assist and answer your questions.

What is Estonian e-Residency & why should I care?

Estonian e-Residency is a unique digital citizenship, offered by the renowned digital-minded nation Estonia. Learn all about what it can offer you in our dedicated articles:


Xolo Leap

93% of customers recommend us

John Ozbay, Cryptee, Tallinn
“Companies like Xolo, who help me start and run my company in Estonia, are so important to my life as an e-resident and entrepreneur — they really make life that little bit easier.”


Asad Zulfahri, Digital Nomad
“The wealth of information, added to the fantastic all-in-one solution, made me feel comfortable signing up with Xolo.”

How to get started

Get everything you need to run your location independent Estonian business, all in one beautifully designed dashboard.

  1. Sign up with Xolo Leap
    Complete our free sign up and tell us about your business plans.
  2. Become an e-resident
    Apply online​ and receive an ID-card which you can use to digitally identify yourself.
  3. Register a new EU company online
    The unofficial world record for setting up a company online is 18 minutes.
  4. Get a bank account and payment card
    Travel to Estonia to get a business bank account with LHV or start remotely with Wise Borderless. See more in our FAQs.


Xolo Leap not right for you?

Xolo Leap is designed to help ​freelancers and digital nomads who are starting one-person businesses​ which only require a single shareholder, and no special licenses. This means we’re not suited to everybody, including businesses dealing with cryptocurrencies and selling physical goods.

If you are just getting your freelance career going or your cashflow will be irregular​, check out Xolo Go - a virtual company with pay-as-you-go pricing.

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