A recap of DNX Digital Nomad Conference 2017

Written by Xolo
on November 20, 2017

Being a location independent worker is soon going to be the new normal. With so many Digital Nomads knocking to our doors, we could not miss the opportunity to go meet them all at their biggest European event. So we got ourselves a ticket and we flew to Lisbon to experience in first person the Digital Nomad vibe.

The Venue

The conference venue was an old factory complex, much like the Kultuurikatel in Tallinn where the Tech Conference Latitude59 is held every year.

The place is called LXfactory and it is surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Simply being there makes you feel fully immersed in the Mediterranean culture where everyone loves networking in front of good food.

The main hall of LXfactory was arranged in a way to host about 500 people. The stage was on the same level of the audience (just two steps to get on stage) and the whole setting was perfect for the audience to get really close to the speakers. The atmosphere was very informal.

The Crowd

It took about 20 minutes to go through the registration process and we had the opportunity to stand in a queue chatting with people about their personal life experiences and their expectations for the event.

During the two days of DNX we had the opportunity to meet many persons and to learn about their journey. Some were just starting out while others were seasoned travelers and successful entrepreneurs. Many were looking for more information about Nomad life, inspiration, new ideas. Some were there just to connect with like-minded people.

The enthusiasm for living a life full of freedom was clearly visible in the eyes of everyone we talked to.

At 10:30 Marcus and Feli opened the event and the crowd started to warm up for a day full inspirational talks.

The Speakers

The first to step on the stage was the Pat Flynn. As a very successful one-man-band Entrepreneur, Pat was the perfect speaker to open the event, giving a remarkable speech about the importance of providing value and serving others first.

Taavi Kotka

Taavi Kotka of the Estonian e-Residency delivered a brilliant speech about the WHY of e-Residency and HOW everyone can benefit from it. “Winter is coming” — he said — for all the Countries that do not understand the importance of giving freedom to people when it comes to ways of doing business.

Presenting the speakers on stage was an impressive Jackie Knechtel who engaged the entire audience leading everyone through a guided meditation. Incredible performance.

The other speakers (Silvia Christmann, Tal Gur, Marianne Cantwell, Enyo Markovski, Jules Schroeder, Ka Sundance) did a great job at delivering a clear message and keeping the crowd energized.

The main message at DNX 2017 was the importance of being true to our own passions, practice gratitude and being in touch with our spiritual self.

The Workshops

On the second day, over 20 workshops were scheduled in 6 time slots.
While it was suggested to pick one workshop per time slot, participants had the opportunity to move freely from one workshop to another.

We attended 6 workshops and we got great value from the time we spend listening to the mentors and exchanging ideas with other participants.

Our Experience

This trip to Lisbon has been for us a fantastic experience. Meeting in person with so many Digital Nomads gave us the opportunity to better understand their needs and we will now be able to serve them better.

As a service provider, we strive to make our Customers happy and to empower them to run their business remotely and with no hassle. We believe that this is exactly what Digital Nomads need in order to maximize their freedom and to fully enjoy their journey.

It was a pleasure to be part of DNX 2017.



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